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social equity and justice

Andrew Freedman: Establishing a Responsible & Equitable Federal Regulatory Framework for Cannabis

Andrew Freedman is the Executive Director for the Coalition of Cannabis Policy, Education, and Regulation (CPEAR), @CPEARCoalition. Its mission is to establish a responsible and...

Tahir Johnson: The Importance of Social Equity, Inclusion and Justice in the Cannabis Industry

Tahir Johnson is the Director of Social Equity and Inclusion for one of the largest advocates of nationwide cannabis reform, the United States Cannabis...

Watch the Documentary, The Human Toll: How the War on Cannabis Targeted Black America

Check out the Vanity Fair and PAX Labs-produced documentary series, The Human Toll: How the War on Cannabis Targeted Black America - Part 1 Below: Produced...

Kansas Governor Laura Kelly Grants Clemency to Three Cannabis Prisoners

Last June 24,2021, Kansas Governor Laura Kelly announced that she would issue clemency grants to eight individuals, including commutations for three individuals currently incarcerated for...
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Bubblers vs Bongs: Which Should You Choose?

For many smokers, the question of whether to use a bubbler or a bong is a very important one. These two devices are both...

Hemp News

FDA Update: Insider Access to the FDA Hearing last May 31

The May 31st inaugural #FDA public hearing on #CBD marked a historic moment for the U.S. #hemp industry. The hearing lasted for about 9...


8000Kicks Explorer V2 Hemp Shoe Review

8000Kicks got their start on Kickstarter, which seems like a good place to start selling kicks! They sent us a few pairs of their second...