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23 Valentine Gift Ideas for Him or Her

Don’t know what to give to your loved one this Valentine’s Day? Whether your loved one is a smoker or a CBD lover, we got you covered. All the CBD products featured are sourced from hemp farms in the US.

Keep the flames alive with these thoughtful presents!

This year surprise your loved one or your sweetheart with these unique products. Below are one-of-a-kind gift ideas for Valentine’s.

Delta 8 + THCO Cereal Bars

gold spectrum thco cereal bars

Delta 8 + THCO Cereal Bars, a new product from Gold Spectrum, combines nostalgia with potency. The bars come in two doses: 200mg and 1000mg, and they come in fun flavors inspired by popular cereals like Fruity Pebbles, Cinnamon Toast Crunch, and Lucky Charms. This convenient edible product is infused with Delta 8, THCO, and a trace of Delta 9 for a great high that is difficult to resist. Always consume responsibly in order to fully enjoy the experience.

Sharper Image Compression Wrap

sharper image compression

The Sharper Image Compression Wrap is a new product designed to alleviate muscle soreness caused by exercise. It has a removable gel insert that can be heated or chilled for additional comfort. The wrap’s flexible fabric provides even pressure for compression therapy and can be applied to various parts of the body. It costs $29.99 and is available at Target and Bed, Bath, and Beyond.

The Rose Wraps

rose wraps zig zag

Zig-Zag’s latest release, the Rose Wraps, is a unique smoking accessory perfect for Valentine’s Day. These tobacco-free wraps are made with all-natural ingredients and feature a distinct floral flavor. Each pack comes with two wraps, each with its own resealable pouch for freshness. Zig-Zag continues to innovate and expand its product offerings, providing smokers with high-quality and diverse smoking accessories.

Dr. Dabber XS e-rig

dr dabber xs erig

The XS vaporizer by Dr. Dabber represents a new level of technology in portable and discreet concentrate vaporizers. It is the smallest e-Rig ever made by the company and is designed for on-the-go use. Despite its compact size, the XS offers the power and temperature stability of larger vaporizers, making it a highly advanced and functional device. The purpose-built mini dab rig is a testament to Dr. Dabber’s commitment to creating high-quality vaporizing devices that cater to the needs of users.

Vieve’s Leaves Revitalizing Gift Set

vieves leaves revitalizing gift set

The Vieve’s Leaves Revitalizing Gift Set is a complete skincare routine for morning and night, including a restorative serum, rejuvenating facial fusion, exclusive replenishing facial cleanser, and a pure jade Gua Sha sculpting stone. The set helps fight impurities and replenish skin, leaving it smooth, healthy, and hydrated. Suitable for all skin types, this set is a great gift for someone special or a luxurious treat for yourself.

Vessel: The Ash and The Helix Cone 

The Ash from Vessel is an ashtray that raises the question of whether it is a cannabis necessity or a home decor piece. Its fashionable design and stackable compartments for dry herb devices make it both functional and attractive.

vessel helix cone

The Helix Cone is a stylish update to Vessel’s patented Helix one-hitter that offers both performance and style. It has a double helix-shaped interior spiral that doubles the length of the smoke path and filters residue for a smoother, cooler hit every time.

Eat Me Guilt-Free Brownies

guilt me free brownie

The Chocolate Brownie from Eat Me Guilt Free is a gluten-free and low-carb treat that satisfies your sweet tooth without guilt. Made with all-natural ingredients, including almond flour and cocoa powder, this rich and fudgy brownie is sure to delight your taste buds. Perfect for those with dietary restrictions, this brownie is a delicious and guilt-free indulgence. Products include a variety of delicious treats such as cookies, cakes, and crackers. All of their products are made with non-GMO ingredients and are free from artificial preservatives, colors, and flavors. To celebrate Eat Me Guilt Free is offering 15% off on all brownies from February 13-19, 2023.  

Bud Love Premium Herbal+ Mixers

bud love herbal mixer

Bud Love Premium Herbal+ Mixers are a unique blend of ancient herbs and natural flavors infused with precious cannabinoids, specially formulated to enhance the quality and taste of your favorite flower, providing an elevated and enjoyable experience. Bud Love is a must-have for all bud lovers out there. Bud Love is a must-have for all bud lovers out there looking for an elevated and enjoyable experience.

Amanita Mushroom Gummies Denver 5

amanita mushroom gummies

Trusted Mushrooms offers Amanita muscaria gummies as a convenient and tasty way to consume this beneficial mushroom. These gummies are made with organic ingredients and are vegan and gluten-free. They can help to support the immune system and improve energy levels and mental clarity. The gummies are available to purchase in various quantities on the Trusted Mushrooms website. It is always recommended to consult with a healthcare professional before adding any supplement to your diet. Use 5OFFGANJLY coupon code to give $5 off your first order of our Denver’s 5-Gummy Bottle.

Infused Gummy Kit Maestrodose

maestrodose gummy making kit

The Infused Gummy Kit by Maestrodose is the perfect gift for Valentine’s Day! Not only is it a unique and thoughtful present, but it also allows couples to have a fun and creative experience together while making their own infused gummies. The kit comes with everything needed, including gummy molds, droppers, and a recipe booklet with various flavor and infusion options.

Users can choose to infuse their gummies with CBD oil or any other oil of their choice. The gummies can be customized to the desired strength and flavor, making for a personal and romantic touch. Whether you’re looking to add some excitement to a quiet night-in or want to give your loved one a gift that promotes relaxation and well-being, this kit is a perfect choice.

Lemonnade x G Pen Micro+

g pen micro lemonnade

The Lemonnade x G Pen Micro+ is a collaboration between legendary entrepreneur Berner and a technological advance in vaporization. It was designed in collaboration with legendary entrepreneur and Bay Area rapper, Berner, and technological advancement in portable concentrate vaporization. With a sleek design, it offers superior performance from its rechargeable battery and unique smart-chip technology. The Micro+ Tank is made of premium materials for consistent heat and flavor, and the vaporizer comes with a hemp travel case and accessories.

Palm Pro Vaporizer

palm pro vaporizer

The CCELL Palm Pro is a cutting-edge battery designed for use with CCELL vaporizer cartridges. With its compact size and powerful performance, this battery is the perfect companion for on-the-go vaping. The preheat function and multiple voltage settings give you complete control over your vaping experience, allowing you to enjoy your favorite oils and liquids in the way that you prefer.


Groove is a smoking accessories company that offers a diverse range of products at affordable prices. Their product line includes high-quality bongs, pipes, and vaporizers, all designed to provide customers with an exceptional smoking experience. To ensure durability and reliability, Groove uses only top-notch materials in the production of its products. With a focus on affordability, quality, and customer satisfaction, Groove is the perfect choice for smokers who want the best of both worlds.

Groove VIP Products:

  • CARA- a high-quality solid concentrate pen
  • Small Rig – designed with ground glass connections, a 14mm bowl, 90* banger, and is seven inches high
  • Bolt – An easy-to-use 510 battery that delivers a smooth and impactful experience
  • Spark – refillable butane torch with a 10-gram capacity
  • Pivot – two-piece aluminum grinder features an anodized finish, sharp shredding teeth, and an ergonomic knob grip for comfortable use
  • Hi Pop – dual-use keychain that opens bottles and cans while also serving as a discrete mini pipe

CBD-Infused Personal Lubricants by Bella

Bella CBD Infused Lubricants

Award-winning Altitude Products have always innovated their brands in the cannabis industry and one of those brands is Bella. Bella showcases three wonderful CBD-infused lubricants with zero THC. One of the things we love about these lubes is that it is hypoallergenic. Their CBD serves as an anti-inflammatory and at the same time encourages blood flow for optimal sexual wellness. The Amore-Passionate is a hybrid blend of water and silicone ingredients infused with hemp CBD. This comes in a 2.5oz container, $12, and a 6oz container, $24. Olio d’Amore is a simple formulation of silicone lubrication infused with hemp CBD. It is the first of its kind in the CBD industry.

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Cannabis Cocktails, Mocktails and Tonics Recipe Book by Warren Bobrow,

Cannabis Cocktails Mocktails & Tonics Warren Bobrow

Warren Bobrow is a chef, mixologist, and a 6-time published author. He came up with a recipe book called Cannabis Cocktails, Mocktails, and Tonics – The Art of Spirited Drinks and Buzz-worthy libations. This book is amazing and has a collection of 75 unique drink recipes including coffee, tea, lemonade, and milk-based beverages. In this book, Warren will also teach you how to de-carb cannabis in the correct way to release its full psychoactive effects. Get it for your loved one for $15.

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CBD Suppositories by CBD Living, $60

CBD Living Suppository

CBD Living has thought of everything and has produced CBD suppositories which are great for people who cannot take CBD orally. Their CBD suppositories have certified organic CBD from the hemp plant mixed with a PCCA MBK Fatty Acid-base, which makes for easy insertion into the rectum or vagina. Because of the high viscosity of the rectum membranes, CBD is easily and quickly absorbed and results are almost immediate. CBD Suppositories contain 50mg of CBD and 10 suppositories are included in each box.

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The Cooking Journal by Goldleaf

Cooking Journal by Goldleaf

cannabis journal Goldleaf journal

The Cooking Journal by Goldleaf is the ultimate cannabis culinary companion. This notebook was designed for those who love to cook with cannabis and make their own recipes. In it are 20 blank recipe pages, 10 blank templated infusion recipe pages, dosing calculations and recommendations, terpene flavor pairing infographics, and a cooking oil comparison chart. The quality of this journal is excellent and is one of the coolest products we have seen in the cannabis market.

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Cannabis-Infused Gummies by Nug

Nug GummiesGive Nug Gummies

Nug is well-known for its award-winning cannabis-infused NUGbars. Now, Nug just launched their cannabis-infused gummies just in time for Valentine’s Day. If your honey has a sweet tooth, these gummies will be a great gift. These gluten-free gummies are delicious and inside are four assorted flavors – cherry, orange, lemon, and lime. More importantly, each gummy is a micro-dosed treat with 2.5mg of THC. The bag has exactly 20 yummy gummies inside. They have their own facility in California where their products are cultivated and extracted.

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Chakra Balancing Bath Bomb and Foot Soak by Hari Om Hemp

CBD Bath Bomb Gift Set Hari Om Hemp

Hari Om Hemp, a holistic wellness company has innovated the CBD bath bomb market with six of their Chakra Balancing Bath Bombs, $12. Each CBD bath bomb is hand-made and infused with 25mg of Organic Full Spectrum CBD Oil. The six bath bombs are different from each other because it is infused with different essential oils like lavender, jasmine, frankincense, and the like.

The CBD bath bombs target different types of chakra like the throat, heart, third-eye, crown, solar plexus, and sacral. They have a full guide on their site.The scent of these bath bombs is amazing and even out of the box, it permeates. Soak for 20 minutes in these CBD bath bombs according to your needs. These Chakra Balancing Bath Bombs are one of a kind. Try out their mini-foot soaks as well.

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JPAQ, Discrete Cases for Pre-Rolls


The JPAQ case is the world’s first air-tight, water-resistant and child-proof case for pre-rolls.  This fits king-size up to 110mm. It is sleek, small as your mobile phone and discreet.

The cool thing about this case is that on the side is a separate place where you can store your roaches. The main compartment is a gasket-lined chamber that prevents odors and keeps unsmoked joints fresh. The JPAQ case comes in two colors: black and white. This is an awesome gift for your loved one who smokes.

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Mini Rolling Station, Tray, and Plank by Leaf + Wood

Leaf and Wood Rolling Station and Tray
Limited Edition Purple Heart and Maple Rolling Station, $175 and Satin Wood and Teak Rolling Tray, starts at $100

Robert Petit, founder of Leaf and Wood is a talented and creative woodworker from upstate New York. The maker of The Cabinet, Robert ingeniously thought of creating stylish rolling stations, rolling trays, and rolling planks. He fused his modern design with natural exotic wood.


These elegant rolling trays fit in with any home decor. Hand-finished with a gentle beveled bottom, the tray includes the signature burned-brand and the wood is sealed with an eco-friendly water-based sealer.

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Silverton by Stashlogix

Stashlogix Silverton
Silverton, medium size

Stashlogix has very unique storage cases and bags. Each year, they come up with new and cool secure storage. The Silverton is a smell-proof storage case that has a three-digit combination lock.

It secures your medicines and herbs and comes in three sizes. The dividers are removable to fit your storage needs. The silver lining is odor-trapping and heat-resistant. It is handy and stylish as well. Be organized, safe, secure, and discreet with the Silverton.

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Cannabis Odor Removing Spray and Cannabis Odor Removing Candle

Cannabolish CBS

Do you know that scented candles contain harsh chemicals to mask odors? Not Cannabolish. Their Cannabis Odor Removing Candle is soy-based with safe natural ingredients. It fights terpenes with its blend. 

It’s free of paraffin wax, phthalates, sulfates, and parabens. What’s cool about it is it doesn’t cover up the odors but it neutralizes the cannabis odor. Their candle works really well and your room or house won’t smell like smoke. It is a natural and safe way to eliminate the smoke smell.

Their Cannabolish Spray is a Cannabis Odor Removing Spray that you can take with you on the go. It is a non-aerosol, biodegradable spray.

Not only does it neutralize cannabis odors but also neutralizes odors in cars, hotel rooms, and furniture. Both are awesome gifts for the cannabis lover who loves enjoying a smoke sesh.

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Illuminating Massage Oil by White Fox Nectars

White Fox Illuminating Massage Oil 200 mg

What is more romantic than giving your loved one a massage on Valentine’s Day? The wonderful folks at White Fox Nectars got you covered. Gift their Illuminating massage oil with 200mg of full-spectrum CBD. Their massage oil has organic essential oils like peppermint, jojoba oil, and sandalwood to relax the muscles.

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CBD Gummies for Anxiety by Sunday Scaries

Sunday Scaries Gummies for Anxiety

Sunday Scaries took CBD Gummies further by adding Vitamin B12 and Vitamin D3 to their gummies. They also have a vegan version of their gummies. Both kinds are delicious and help you relax. These gummies have been reported to ease one’s anxiety and calm one’s mind. One bottle has 20 quality gummies. Remember that it takes about a week for CBD to build up in your system. As a bonus, use code ganjly to get a 10% discount on all your purchases.

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The Essential Cannabis Book: A Field Guide for the Curious

essential cannabis book

The Essential Cannabis Book is a very comprehensive educational book for the newbies. It is written by the Author Rob Meja who is also the founder of Our Community Harvest. The book covers so many topics like why cannabis became illegal in the US in 1937, how do I find a cannabis doctor, how to cook with cannabis, how to visit a dispensary, what medical conditions respond best to cannabis and more. The book educates you and helps you prepare before you try your first cannabis.

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