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1906 High Love Review: Get Lustful with Rapid Onset Chocolate Gems

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1906 High Love






THC Content




What We Love

  • Consistent, accurate dose with each piece
  • Premium quality ingredients
  • Rapid onset
  • Mild dosing
  • Great experience of euphoria

@1906NewHighs Review on Rapid Onset Chocolates

The increased use of recreational marijuana has led to many new products being introduced into the market by emerging new cannabis brands and companies.

In more than 28 states,(along with Washington D.C.), the cannabis industry is experiencing a boom and new products are hitting dispensary shelves.

One such product is the 1906 chocolates which are a perfect blend of cannabis and chocolate. Each chocolate blocks contain a scientific proportion of cocoa and cannabis at 5mg THC content.

1906 theThe two potent superfoods let the consumer experience a great euphoria which is incomparable to anything else.

The chocolates are an outcome of the effort to bring together science and nature and provide an elevated cannabis experience to the consumers of the chocolates.

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Different 1906 chocolates that are available

high love

There are four different variants of the 1906 chocolates that are currently available.

Each of these variants contains certain specific ingredients which serve different purposes that include giving a sound sleep, relaxation of the mind, feeling energized or increase in sensuality.

The four variants are:

  • Midnight for sleep
  • Pause for relaxation
  • GO for body energy
  • High Love for increased sensuality


1906 singles

Irrespective of the flavors, 1906 is available in the shape of a gem which is nicely cut and would remind you more of a diamond than a chocolate cube.

The dark brown color of the chocolate looks highly appealing and is very smooth to the tongue as well.


  • Every flavor is available in three different box sizes – 3 in a box, 6 in a box and 12 in a box
  • 5mg THC – 5mg CBD per chocolate gem for all 1906 products
  • THC and CBD molecules are encapsulated with the protective layer of lipids
  • Midnight chocolate gems contain Corydalis
  • Pause chocolates contain extracts of Magnolia and other plants
  • GO chocolate contain coffee, caffeine, theanine, theobromine, and Yohimbe
  • High Love chocolate contains blends of catuaba, muira puama, Yohimbe, damiana, vanilla and other natural extracts
  • Effects of the ingredients can be felt pretty faster within 15 minutes of consumption
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What you need to know about the product

1906 kitchen

The 1906 chocolates are prepared to let one take control of their emotions, expressions and experiences.

These gems are properly dosed per piece so you could dose properly and accurately. The chocolates contain permissible amounts of THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) which is a mind-altering ingredient.

While higher doses of THC could bring about the common adverse psychological effects of marijuana, the controlled amount of the compound in the 1906 chocolates act as a mind soother and lets the mind relax without causing any unwanted psychological effect.

The gems also contain a controlled amount of CBD which is responsible for counteracting the psycho activities of THC, if any.

Final Thoughts

If you want to experience new highs or manage your experiences altogether, the 1906 chocolates are the best pick for you.

Each variant of the chocolate has a definite purpose to serve and they certainly work. The 1906 High Love edibles gave us a feeling of wanting to cuddle!

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The chocolates are delicious to the palate. As usual, please start low when dosing.

When it comes to delivering an elevated cannabis experience, 1906 Love High chocolates do a wonderful job. For more information on this product, you may want to visit

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