We are wrapping up 2016 with a nostalgic feeling about cannabis events that would leave milestones in the history of a once ill-fated drug, outlawed from possession and cultivation and then suddenly being given resurrection because many believe that it is not the worst drug around. It is even more beneficial, contrary to the classification recorded in DEA.


Needless to say, we want to make cannabis a special recognition in the lives of many.

Many adore marijuana especially if certain strains offer what they expect to deliver.

Being high and stoney are just effects from a drug that also contain cannabinoids compound that could even be used as treatment for cancer and HIV.

But before we blab about why we love cannabis in a random way, we want to bring order to the things, or rather the news, that readers should know about, especially the novice ones.

CBD and THC: What You Need to Know about Cannabis Compounds

These are the popular compounds in cannabis. But scientists have already found out that there are more than 84 compounds in cannabis species.

You can guess THC as the most popular because it is the reason why many people feel the high when consuming or inhaling marijuana.

But CBD is the factor why states in governments legalize medical marijuana.

10 Facts about Hemp: What You Need to Know

Hemp is the name of a cannabis sativa specie. It is one of the most useful plants around. Its benefits encompass medical, industrial and commercial. Yet, its connection to cannabis has tainted the recognition of this plant.

Marijuana: 5 Things that Science Says About the Herb

Cannabis legalization efforts should make sure that hemp would be given the honoriot deserves.

5 Hemp Oil Benefits

 Hemp is a miracle plant with seeds regarded as superfood. Its oil is also beneficial. It is the only oil believed to contain omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids.

The CBD oil can also be used to treat cancer and HIV.

Cannabis and the Expansion of Consciousness

Smoking cannabis can give you certain high during recreational session with friends. But did you know that doing that may also help you expand your consciousness?

This is one of the bizarre things about cannabis, which we believe, is really positive.

Its entheogenic use has puzzled many but its history for that certain purpose doesn’t lie. The ancient Chinese and followers of Rastafalogy believe cannabis to be an entheogenic plant.

Sexual Benefits of Cannabis

Cannabis users believe that smoking cannabis can help them intensify their sexual desire.

Cannabis is good for the economy

Colorado has benefited greatly from legalization of cannabis. Cannabis is over a  billion dollar industry and the state has just reached the 1 billion dollar mark in revenues.

8 States Where Cannabis is Legal

Aside from Colorado, other states such as Oregon, Alaska and California have legalized cannabis for medical and recreational uses.

The benefits outweigh any harm as being predicted when states legalize cannabis.

New Hampshire is the next state being eyed to follow Maine and Massachusetts in legalizing cannabis in New England region.

How to Stay Positive with Cannabis in 2017

Before we end 2016, we have these tips on how you can celebrate the coming year with the help of cannabis, of course.

Plazmatic Veo Lighter Review: Unique Lighters for Smokers

We long for the day when cannabis is legal anywhere for consumption. For now, let’s deliver the positive things about this drug that does not bring any overdose as many erroneously believe. The usual effect, however, coming from this drug is to get you high.

Happy 2017 Everyone!