Are you a beginner? Find out how to grow just one pot plant in your home.

Majority of smokers warm up just as the weather does. For certain reasons, the marijuana smoker in us is usually more evident towards the spring and summer seasons of the year. These seasons tend to also bring out our knack for marijuana cultivation.

We at Ganjly are happy to give you a rundown on how to excellently grow your own “weed”.

Start-Up Procedure

pot-in-potWe must firstly begin by taking away all fears of difficulty of growing your plant because it isn’t. How to grow just one pot plant in your home may sound difficult but it really is quite simple.

It is referred to as “weed” because it is. It grows anywhere easily just like an actual weed. In nature, it bears fruit just once annually which is usually within the fall season. This is quite necessary to remember because the light period must be regulated.

To maintain an adequately developed specimen, a young seedling has to have a growth period of at least between 4-6 weeks before flowering is effected.

During this period, the “weed” should get adequate light of between 18-20 hours everyday, though 16 hours might be just fine.

This can be done indoors by keeping your flower pot always close to a window with adequate sunlight inlet and with the help of a lamp to ensure reaching the expected time-length of light on it during its photo-period.

How to Grow Just One Pot Plant in Your Home

Horticultural Lighting

In growing marijuana in a flower pot at home, a lot of lights would be required. Bulbs with a 250-watt HID either a MH or a HPS or can be purchased in hardware stores for as little as $25.

Note that these bulbs cannot be screwed into any customary home fixture, and as such, need a specialized HID ballast or fixture which might be as high costing as $200.

However, if you have sunlight and a window to let it in, you may also choose to augment this with fluorescent bulbs. Fantastic choices would be bulbs would be ones like T5, T8 and CFL to keep your plant healthy.

Prompting The Flowering Cycle

Immediately it attains a point of producing adequate flowers enough for a reasonable harvest, her light cycle should be balanced at an equal 12 hours of light (supplementing sunlight with the use of the bulbs) and 12 hours of darkness.

It is necessary to try as much as possible to make sure there isn’t any light leakage into the enclosed space where the plant would be kept during its 12 hour darkness cycle so as not to cause stress to the plant, causing it to “hermaphrodite”. This is the process of creating seeded flowers or decrease its quality and quantity.

Other Necessary Pointers

Apart from proper illumination and need for an enclosed space, other aspects of importance for your “weed” include container types, mediums and nutrients.

The best alternative for flower-pots are those that give breathability like fabric-pots. Other alternatives for flower-pots are drainage holes and saucers to catch run-off.

Speaking of mediums, a reasonable quantity of organic soil would be sufficient. Remember to pick an airy medium that would ease ventilation to the root zone. A number of mediums, contain some mild organic nutrients, for instance, sea kelp or guano.

This lessens the amount of nutrients to be administered to the plant and may not require feeding until flowering commences. Nutrients recommendation usually tends towards the organic side whenever possible. Artificial nutrients and salt-heavy synthetics should be avoided like Miracle Gro as they will cause more problems than required.

We should always know that growing a “weed” plant is an exercise that connects you with nature. How to grow just one pot plant in your home takes dedication.

Thanks for reading, and remember to grow while helping the world grow too!