7 Reasons Why Marijuana should be Legalized

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Cannabis, marijuana or more commonly known by its jargon, pot, has been a hot topic in debates where cannabis advocates convince the knuckleheads that there are more things that people should know about the plant and the substance. But because of existing legislation, the benefits of cannabis are left in the dark, mostly until now.

There are still many ways to go –and many lobbying and campaigns to ever do– to really convince people that it is okay to take medical marijuana as long as it is not abused. In other words, marijuana possession and cultivation should be legalized but the handling and sale should be regulated.

Legalizing marijuana has always been met with opposition. In the United States, the substance is still categorized as Schedule 1 drug. What that means is that this drug has no accepted use in medical treatment and it has a high potential for abuse. I would agree with the latter but as to marijuana’s medical use, that is debatable.

Thing is there is always the involvement of politics in the acceptance of marijuana for medical use. But thankfully, it doesn’t seem so bad in the United States for those who are really into this substance. As of this writing, there are 28 states that have made medical marijuana legal.

As of November 9, 2016, it is legal to use marijuana for both recreational and medicinal purposes in the states of Alaska, California, Colorado, Maine, Massachusetts, Nevada, Oregon, and Washington.

We have also covered recently the countries with laws that legalize medical marijuana.

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Of course, this site has been here to advocate the use of cannabis because we believe that this substance, which is plant-based, has many reasons for it to be legalized.

And so, we want to share with you at least 7 reasons why marijuana should be legalized.

#1 Marijuana has been used to treat certain conditions

The Eastern countries have regarded marijuana for centuries to be beneficial for persons with certain conditions. The irony of it now is that most countries in Asia have made medical marijuana illegal. It would also take years for certain legislation that would decriminalize the use of the drug in these countries.

Now, there is a shift in the legalization of marijuana in the West, with many countries being enlightened about the benefits of medical marijuana.

Marijuana has proven to have health benefits for more than just cancer patients. Worth noting is that marijuana is not just about the leaves. The hemp seed has been considered to be a superfood.

#2 Marijuana has nutritional benefits.

We all know that marijuana is a plant. It is also called cannabis. But is already regarded as a hemp plant. And it has seeds that are nutty and regarded to be a superfood because of its great nutritional benefits. But because of the stigma of the names of cannabis and marijuana, the plant’s seed is more known as hemp seeds.

The hemp seed derivative, the hemp seed oil is regarded a vegetable oil with an optimal ratio of omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids. There is even study showing how awesome this plant is for having leaves and seeds that can bring nutritional benefits

#3 Marijuana has derivatives that can turn to products with many uses

Again, worth noting is the hemp seed and hemp seed oil which have potential qualities of providing health benefits to humans. And these products come from marijuana.

The hemp seed oil, to be specific, is considered to be the only vegetable oil that has omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids that are good for the skin and for hormonal balance.

Hempseed oil is also a good ingredient in conditioner for dry hair.

#4 Marijuana is safer than alcohol and legal prescription drugs.

Alcohol and prescription drugs are responsible for almost 200,000 deaths each year in the United States. And that is only in just one country. One of the ironies of world governments is that they legalize certain substances, which are still prone to abuse and with little nutritional benefits.

Can we get nutritional benefits from smoking tobacco?

You tell me.

If you compare tobacco with marijuana, then why should people use a substance that could calm their nerves but would give them cancer?

As with most substances and even food, ti would take large consumption of marijuana for it to be harmful, that is why there should be regulation on its possession but it should not be a criminal offense to obtain and use cannabis.

#5 Legal sale of marijuana to young adults would help them in making discernment to use the substance or not.

It is practically the same with tobacco. Not all people would like to smoke because of the possible consequences including cancer that may be contracted to them. Even second-hand smoke can make a person at risk of having cancer.

Young people can make better choices if the substance is really for them or not if it is legal. After all, if smoking is not good for them, at least, there are parts of the plant that can be beneficial for them.

#6 Cultivation of marijuana at homes gives access to people with certain conditions.

it is not really that hard to find marijuana if it is used to treat certain conditions. Cultivating it can be done at home with less hazard to the environment.

Leave the large-scale planting of cannabis to larger firms to manufacture products and drugs derived from the plant.

But for households, a simple pot can do the works. it is with the hope that cultivating the plant is legal in the jurisdiction he or she resides.

#Marijuana is good for the economy

Cultivating cannabis and selling products derived from it is considered a multi-billion industry. Just imagine the tax revenue the governments can receive from the sale of marijuana.

In Oregon, there is a bill called cannabis sales tax which pegged at 25 percent. This is a realization from the state government that cannabis is a billion industry.

As stated, marijuana has more benefits than tobacco. And it could even lead to fewer deaths because people would mostly use the substance for medical purpose. Of course, there is still the boundary of the recreational use, which is not really bad as long as consumption is regulated.

The bottom line: make marijuana legal. You have read the benefits.

Tell us what you think about the legalization of marijuana in the comment section below.