Combining Cannabis and Meditation to Attain Zen

cannabis and meditation

Cannabis has been reportedly helpful in facilitating deep meditation. Written accounts have been recorded on the use of this plant to attain euphoric state aside from the health benefits.  The Hindus, Sufis and Buddhists have reportedly utilized cannabis long before the plant was outlawed for several decades now.

It’s puzzling how a medicinal plant such as cannabis to have been considered a harmful drug when in fact there have been records of its long list of use for attaining health and well-being in ancient accounts and religions.

In Ayurveda, cannabis is considered a medicinal plant used to treat certain conditions such as nausea and pain. It is even regarded  a medicine to promote digestion and attain longevity.

According to Mahayana Buddhism tradition, hemp seed, of course, coming from the cannabis plant has been the only food consumed to nourish Gautama Buddha during his quest to attain cosmic consciousness or illumination. And during that time, Buddha spent most of his time doing meditation.

Another interesting account in the use of cannabis by people who mostly do meditation is the historical use of the Sufis, the mystical branch of Islam, long before the plant was banned in the Muslim world. The use of the plant, by eating or smoking, was considered a way to connect with God.

In Ancient China, cannabis was mentioned to have certain use in Taoism in conjunction with ginseng.

Considering the extensive history on the use of cannabis in religions and in ancient cultures, what we can infer is that: how the heck did the authorities make cannabis or marijuana illegal?

Does it something to do with a certain factor that it is used in meditation to attain samadhi, a state where a person can attain profound stillness?

When a person attains that state during meditation, he or she can reach a union with the divine. With the aid of cannabis, there is a possibility for the meditation goal to be more realizable.

To Combine Marijuana and Meditation to Attain Calmness

Good thing is with all the hullabaloos and debates about legalizing marijuana, you can attain certain calmness or even achieving trance-like state and forget the things in the world through meditation. Combine that with marijuana before going to that stage.

Many who are into meditation use incense while doing the state where they can be calm and focused on reaching a certain level of concentration within. Another positive thing to know is that you can cannabis incense stick aside from rose or sandalwood which could help you more calm.

Achieving holistic balance doesn’t have to be expensive nor does it have to be far-fetched where you have to go somewhere that would gain you the negative ions.

Combining marijuana and meditation may be something crazy for those who are not into it yet. But haven’t you wondered about Bob Marley and the Rastafari philisophy?

According to Rastafari philosophy, “the herb(marijuana) is the key to new understanding of the self, the universe, and God. It is the vehicle to cosmic consciousness” and is believed to burn the corruption out of the human heart.

Cannabis has a great history in spiritual use. If you are into meditation, perhaps, you have to try searching for cannabis strains or even use cannabis stick while doing to Om or other mantras and techniques.

What do you think?