4 Sexual Benefits of Marijuana for Those Who Desire the Tantric Experience

sexual benefits of marijuana

Do you believe that there are sexual benefits of marijuana more people should know about?

Have you tried being with a person intimately while you are both high from smoking marijuana?

Some say, cannabis is a natural viagra.

There are claims from individuals that when they smoke marijuana  and they are with someone they want to be intimate with and they do the deed, the experience is much better.

But it is not always the case though. The varying experiences for people mixing marijuana and sex may lead us to certain theory, which not many might find believable. But if science is integrated into the equation (that is, the mixing of marijuana and sex),  there may be astonishing discoveries based on the experiences of people.

Hence, we are led to these 4 sexual benefits:

1. Increased desire for both men and women

If you wish to increase your desire to have sex

As cited by Psychology Daily, the study found users to have experienced increased libido after smoking marijuana.

Though the study may be outdated, what we can infer is that foreplay during the moment the effect of marijuana kicks in, could increase the desire for partners to get more aroused and eventually lead to something they would like to experience.

And also, there are claims that time would slow down during the act of sex when on a high, so that would also be something to consider. However, according to UC Santa Barbara study, cannabis may distort the time perception during the sexual act. What people may find 10 minutes, may actually be just 30 seconds. It can be likened to doing meditation. A 5-minute meditation may feel like 30 minutes.

So can we also point that cannabis may lead people to really have the tantric experience during the act of sex?

2. Increased Sensitivity during the Act

This study may provide insight about mixing sex and cannabis. it says that users feel more relaxed, euphoric and emotional, the positive things in the bedroom. Again, there is the tantric experience. There is the union of positive emotion to the act of sex while in the state that marijuana brings.

3. Intense Orgasms

Increased sensitivity may promote something more explosive to the partners while being on a high and really into the physical union. People claiming to have intense orgasms while under the influence is not just something we can set aside.

And also, with this effect, people is led to believe that marijuana may be a natural viagra.

4. Attaining tantric experience

What is also to be noted is that tantric is Sanskrit word for ‘woven together’. It is like mixing love and lust or in this case, mixing marijuana and sex to attain that experience.

With the heightened pleasure and orgasm during sex while in the influence of cannabis, it is likely that people may have unknowingly experienced something more than what they expect.

The Bottomline

Even if there are sexual benefits in the smoking of marijuana, people should also consider the consequences after.

Regular consumption of marijuana may affect sperm count and would also lead to high-risk behaviour for individuals who may have more than one sexual partner.

Moderation is still the key in the consumption of marijuana together with sex.