Recreational use of cannabis has varying effects to users. Stereotypical perceptions of marijuana users, most often portrayed in the media and from governments that would persist to outlaw cannabis, would range from the dumb to sloth effects, giving the awareness that the plant-based substance is just a drug.

But what remains eclipsed is the potential advantage or perhaps, more appropriately, the log list of benefits that cannabis can deliver, not only for societal materialistic demands, but also for the spiritual aspect.

For many centuries, people always have this inner desire to seek the divine aspects of God. The spiritual sense of people can increase proportionally, either gradually or rapidly, along with the expansion of consciousness and the constant desire for unraveling mysteries to provide answers to life’s questions.

Shamans, mystics and sages have made unending explorations of the beneficial uses of plants, including the toxicity of certain plants. It is surprising, in these contemporary times, that many ancient spiritual people have explored cannabis to aid them in the expansion of their consciousness in the quest to attain divine union.

From an interesting read discovered recently, cannabis has these seemingly surprisingly effects to users, which can be summarized in this list:

1. Heightened sensations

Users of marijuana have reported to have increase in sensory functions. The intensification of sensations would vary in users in which certain cases would include increased appreciation of good food and good sound. This somehow explains why many users feel the need to eat more, while others with artistic abilities express music in a much appreciateive way as they feel like there is an increase in audible fidelity.

Others would also have experiences in which they see certain beings of other dimensions, providing the notion that they have their third eye opened. The allegorical third eye anatomically pertains to the pineal gland, in which in esoteric parlance, is the seat of divine consciousness.

2. Increased clarity of perception

 Even a first-time user of marijuana may experience brighter colors in his surroundings. He can see clarity in the colors of objects and can appreciate visual structures.

In esoteric science, a person who is able to expand the function of his pineal gland has more appreciation to certain colors and would enable him to become more creative as this force provides him the stimulus to become a creator of certain object to express his inner artistic ability and to impress his works in a self-appreciative manner.

3. Awareness of proprioceptive effects

A marijuana user may become aware of involuntary jerking of muscles, small movements, sound of heart beating, muscle tension and automatic muscle movements. Under the influence of cannabis, a user can perceive internal movements within his or her body with great clarity and distinctness.

Along with the effects is the potential ability of the user to numb pain when it focuses to self-heal himself. However, there is also the possibility that increased concentration of a certain body part with an obvious or even perceptive anomaly may heighten unfavorable sensation, leading to the feeling of discomfort.


If we really delve on the high potential advantages of cannabis as a plant with parts that can bring benefits to human population, governments would have thought otherwise of making them illegal.

But sometimes we can’t help but infer of the absurdity of the situation surrounding the legality of cannabis.

Although there has been progress in the legality of cannabis in certain jurisdictions in the United States, Europe and Latin America, most people would always perceive marijuana as an illegal drug.

If cannabis can have an effect of expanding consciousness, then human population should be given a more proper education about the appropriate use of cannabis, rather than outlawing it.

It is the same as sex education. People should be guided and be more informed on the use of cannabis, rather than outlawing it. If there is a proper way in treating cannabis in a civilized way, most people may not have prolonged dependency of the substance for they are more enlightened of the effects and the ill-effects is dine in abusive manner.

If done right, cannabis may even make more people to express their creative selves.

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