4 Tips For Better Sex with Cannabis

cannabis to boost sex life

If you ask most people if they have tried taking cannabis before sex, you will likely get two responses. They would either be: “I’ve never tried that,” or “getting high and having sex is good. It’s interesting. It’s different. It’s awesome!”

That makes it a no-brainer for some and for others, there may be a devious reactions, sending subtlety to situations because they may find it awkward to share.

But in case you haven’t done it and you want to try it out, here are some pointers that will help you use cannabis to potentially heighten your sex life in a new and exciting direction.

cannabis to boost sex life

1. Explore your body when high

This may sound like asking you to exploit your body but in a positive way to determine the responses you might experience in a different manner or somehow, in a familiar but yet, more sensational way.

Exploring your body may vary depending on your own tolerance and other factors such as the strain that you like to smoke, and how you consume it. The only sure thing is that you will notice a difference, and you need to be aware of what’s changed- your normal favourites might be forgotten for a while.

Ask your partner to explore your whole body, and return the favour.

Cannabis has the potential to change the way nerve endings respond, so a feeling that would normally be overwhelming or so-so might be very pleasurable during the act. The only way to know for sure is to experiment!

When you have done this a few times, taking note of what you have consumed and how, you will start to understand how cannabis could change your body.

2. Inhibitions down, demands up!

cannabis, THC, CBD, marijuana

Just like alcohol, cannabis can reduce your inhibitions and give you a confidence boost. It can shut off the negative feelings that might hold you back and subdue your wild side. Take advantage of that. Being really clear with your demands is often very helpful and very erotic for your partner. It’s great if you can demonstrate, even better if you can also explain what it feels like when you are getting what you want. For your partner, knowing how and why they are giving you pleasure will turn them on massively. Communication at this level is often the most overlooked (and maybe awkward) part of a sexual encounter. Try it and see what more your partner can do for you.

3. There are cannabis-based products designed specifically for sex!

And most people have no idea!

The active component of Cannabis, THC, is what’s known as a vasodilator. This means it widens blood vessels and lets more blood flow. This is why your eyes get red when you smoke. It’s not much use to your eyes BUT when you have dilated capillaries in other parts of your body – we are talking about your erogenous zones, the bits that already feel pretty great – you get more blood flow, more oxygen to the area, and INCREASED SENSATION.

That usually means great things.

An example of a product that is already causing a sensation (a very good sensation) in the US is Foria, a coconut oil spray infused with THC. The first review I came across online (a lady going taking a ‘solo expedition’) states ‘Penetration and g-spot stimulation felt much better than usual and I went way longer and harder than I usually do, and did not want to stop’.

Worth a try, right? Unfortunately for now it’s only available in California for medicinal marijuana patients, whilst the lucky folks in Colorado can use it for recreation.

Fingers crossed for a future expansion of this particular market.

4. Give it time. Block out your diary.

cannabis, marijuana

You may well be aware that the effects of cannabis on your mind can last from 20 minutes to several hours, perhaps even longer. Using it for intimate purposes is going to require a similar time commitment, so schedule a block of a few hours. This will give you and your companion ample time to consume, to sample, and to enjoy things things to the fullest. Then you will both have time to consume and play to your hearts’ content.

It may well be true that marijuana’s effects are different for every individual. Hopefully these tips should help you find what works for you.