Ayahuasca and Cannabis: Differences of the Psychedelics for Entheogenic Use

cannabis and ayahuasca

Cannabis is not only a plant-based drug with THC and CBD, the psychedelic compounds that deliver certain reactions to the human body for medicinal purpose or for its notorious use of getting high. It also has entheogenic use. That means, it is regarded by certain spiritual persons to aid them in raising their consciousness and to attain nirvana during meditation.

But recently, another psychedelic has been accounted in blogs and alternative sites that can be comparable to marijuana. An Amazonian brew, derived from the plants Banisteriopsis caapi vine and the Psychotria viridis leaf, has made waves in the community of people, whose purpose is to get high and to attain spiritual experience.

Ayahuasca may be more potent compared to cannabis. It could even be deadly. But the potential effects may have not thwarted some celebrities to try and experience this psychedelic.

Now, the question is how can we compare cannabis and ayahuasca

Cannabis and Ayahuasca in Religion

Shamans and spiritual mystics in various religions, in India and Nepal and even in Africa have accounted the use of marijuana as a property to aid in meditation and for medicinal purpose.

Bob Marley, is perhaps, the famous person who had open appreciation on cannabis. His involvement in Rastafari movement, which is also regarded a religion, is, perhaps, a factor for this very famous Jamaican reggae artist to have embraced cannabis in a way that the plant-based drug is seemingly sacred.

Rastafarians believe that the Tree of Life is the cannabis mentioned in the Bible. Taking that regard, even if you don’t, we could say that it is something sacred for the followers of this religion.

Aside from Rastafari, Buddhism, Hinduism and Sikhs have mentioned cannabis in their religious texts, although varying principles provide subtle contrasts on the way the plant has been viewed by its followers.

Meanwhile, Ayahuasca has certain regard to Native American religions in South America, particularly in the Amazon area. It is considered a religious sacrament. Users of this brew in non-traditional contexts often regard a certain point of alignment with the philosophies and cosmologies associated with ayahuasca shamanism, as practiced among indigenous peoples like the Urarina of Peruvian Amazonia.

Cannabis and Ayahuasca on Medicinal Purpose

Ayahuasca, aside from being entheogenic, also have medicinal uses among the native users of this brew. However, there are no scientific studies yet that could claim how effective this brew is as a medication. This factor has, perhaps, made cannabis a more viable psychedelic with medically-acclaimed uses.

Cannabis and Ayahuasca on Preparation

Preparing cannabis for immediate use would take less hassle compared to Ayahuasca. Marijuana strains are available for different levels of effect in cannabis.

Meanwhile, Ayahuasca need to be concocted in a traditional way to have the experience of being in a different dimension. And  perhaps, you have to go to the Amazon area to try the brew. That would take some certain travel hazards.

Cannabis and Ayahuasca in Legal Matters

Cannabis’ legalization has been a continued topic of debates in many countries. Although many states are now making medical marijuana legal, in the US federal level, it is still illegal.

And there’s also potential jail time for those who have exceeded the limit of weight for those who possess cannabis. In many countries, however, those who are caught will serve time in prison.

Meanwhile, ayahuasca plants and preparations are legal and are not included in international control for substance with DMT.

Cannabis and ayahuasca, both psychedelics have been recent topics for people who want to experience something spiritual, for recreational use and for curious minds. You may experience both but it is better to weigh their effects upon using them. Proper research should be also made for those who are curious to try ayahuasca.

Do you have experiences in taking ayahuasca aside from being a cannabis user?

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