Cannabis is still illegal to be cultivated in many states in the US as well as in other countries. However, if you are in the states of Alaska, Oregon, California, Maine, Massachusetts and Colorado, you are likely allowed to grow weeds up to a certain number.

In Washington and Nevada, licensing to grow marijuana plants would be needed.

Cannabis growers in Nevada will have to go Nevada State Health Division to obtain valid registration card to cultivate cannabis.

But even though these states allow you to grow cannabis, legal stipulations are still in place to limit big cultivation. It may also mean, you have to deal with authorities in the event you go beyond what is required in the law for cannabis cultivation.

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For cannabis growers, this is the question that would always pop in: How secured they are as cannabis cultivators?

Cannabis Security for growers may still be in the works or at least, it is still a concept that requires processes to make itself enforceable. And for that, the security of cultivators would lie on how careful they are in growing marijuana in their homes.

These tips may somehow help cannabis cultivators be smarter in growing the plant in their households.

1. Refrain from announcing your marijuana plants to the neighbor.

It is really tempting to announce to a friend and to the neighbor that you have something that they don’t have. It is about ego-boosting. But in case of cannabis cultivation, this is something you have to keep to yourself.

The story of a Chilean mum who announced to the world that she had the best Christmas tree is one thing that cannabis growers should learn from.

2. Keep track on the person you reveal about your cultivation

Police have the tendency to reward people who may knowledge about a certain person doing something illegal. This is a usual way to implicate growers.

It is likely that Cannabis Security Law enforcement will interrogate and find ways to intimidate your “friend” into giving away the information about you as a grower. And there is always the probability of setting entrapments.

3. Never set a trap to protect your grow

By using traps of any kind, you may likely be vindicated in the event someone will enter your house and find some things unusual in a garden that they think is just some “normal” garden that people have.

Also, it is better to avoid keeping firearms in your house garden.

You don’t want to make people think bad about you, do you?

4. Have a guard dog to keep unwanted people at bay from your cannabis garden.

It is better to keep a guard dog in your house than setting a trap. Its purpose makes you more aware of any person entering your house that may spy on you or would likely rob a plant from you for their self-serving purpose.

5. Be more aware about odors and house upkeep.

Sleuths are likely sniff on something that may trace to your cannabis garden. And while you are in the quest of keeping your house free from odor, it is also important to always do a housekeeping, to keep remnants from discovering.


The above tips are not intended to make you like a criminal, always keeping yourself in high alert because you have done something illegal.

We want to share these information to cannabis growers in states and places where there are legal factors in cultivating marijuana.

Also, always be mindful of the law in cultivating cannabis in your states.

No one is above the law, as they say. So be sure to remain smart as a cannabis grower.