Can Cannabis Help You From Depression? Can It Boost Self-esteem?

cannabis for depression
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Is it true that cannabis can help in boosting self-esteem, and while in that process, it can combat depression?

We are living in times that we feel certain anxiety, certain fear, causing us to feel paranoia and other negative reactions that could affect our balance. The more we give in to our emotions, the negative ones, the more we feel that something is wrong with us.

cannabis plant to combat depression

It has been a known fact that negative emotions can cause cancer.

A team of researchers at Stanford University in California found a link to disruptions in the holistic balance of women as they repress their emotions. The hormone cortisol, which is released in the adrenal gland in response to stress, could be affected when women’s emotions were subdued compared to those that were not.  Earlier studies have also shown that the unbalanced cortisol fluctuations can predict early death in women with breast cancer that has spread to other areas of the body.

“People who have repressive styles tend to be more prone to illness, particularly [immune-system related] diseases, such as rheumatoid arthritis, infections, and cancers. The concept is of unexpressed anger. If one doesn’t let it out, that could have adverse consequences.”  ~University of California Los Angeles

On another spectrum, the constant paranoia about body image could affect the balance of the person. In most cases, it leads to depression.

 A 2012 UK study found that “roughly two-thirds of adults suffer from negative body image.” All Party Parliamentary Group brought that study raise certain issues, that not only affect women but all people of all genders and sexuality.

In previous article, we have indicated how cannabis can help in easing the onset of depression and could bring holistic approach to a personality thereby making it a conduit for the user to accept reality and channel it to a more positive image.

The raising of consciousness, which can be purportedly attained through the use of cannabis, can be a factor to shift one’s perception about himself or herself. In metaphysical sense, by embracing love and feel of joy and peace can a person erase thoughts of depression.

Is it a wonder that when we have certain reaction during our ‘high’ state, we feel like we are someone else but yet we are in a body filled with unexplainable emotion that is mostly positive and that emotion is cultivated from a sense of the need to feel it because when we feel that we are sober?

Cannabis can do that and it can be possible when that desire is felt at a strong feel. Somehow, cannabis can bring out the subconscious side of a supposedly depressed person who wants to feel the peace, joy, contentment and love.

Cultivating body love is what Ashley Manta, a writer from Leafly, has something to say about cannabis.

After exploring more deeply, I’ve found cannabis can help cultivate body love as well. Since poor body image can negatively impact mental and physical health, you’re doing yourself a huge favor by taking active steps to improve your relationship with your body. Cannabis is the perfect conduit for such a transformation because it can help muffle some of the negative self-talk in your brain which, at least for me, often feels like it’s communicating exclusively in SHOUTY CAPS.

She also adds something that may be in correlation to what cannabis to sexual pleasure and to attain an altered state of mind during meditation.

For me, cannabis helps me feel more present in my body and more open to pleasurable sensations. In 2010, I spent 100 hours getting certified as a hypnotist and I learned how useful hypnotic trance can be for unlearning negative beliefs and redirecting your attention and intentions. I find cannabis can produce similar effects to being in a trance (relaxation, bringing the unconscious mind into the forefront as the conscious mind recedes slightly, being more open to positive change, etc.)

1:1 CBD to THC ratio

Manta also suggested to look for marijuana strain with  1:1 CBD to THC ratio and to choose a shorter-acting method like vaping. It seems that the purpose here is to get ‘high’ or stoned to forget whatever you think about yourself, which may impact you negatively. By choosing cannabinoids and terpene profiles, it will augment the positive changes that you’re setting in motion.

But I suggest that once you are in that state, you can have the opportunity to feel something positive to inhibit the negative force that is brought about by the image you have had as you look on to the mirror.

A certain compound found in cannabis called beta-caryophyllene has been shown to reduce anxiety and depression. This is also found in rosemary, cinnamon and pepper.

But what we want to focus is on cannabis, which is found to help people with depression.

Beating Depression and Boosting Self-esteem

This article brings about certain correlation of depression to cancer and beating depression to enhance self-esteem. Thing is, this boils down to the effect of cannabis in bringing about certain positive changes to the user who wants to combat depression.

The feeling of calmness and the raising of consciousness are more like intuitive experiences but they can help in subduing any effect that depression can have to the person, especially if he or she has certain issues with body image or other sensible factors which affect the emotion.

Cannabis, being medically proven to help in treating cancer, can be used to prevent the onset of cancer by making the user feel more positive about himself, thereby inhibiting certain forms of negative energy and emotion, which could affect the hormonal balance.

Stores about cannabis and its effects towards emotion and holistic balance have not been told because of misinformation. So many of this sort that we need to act for them to be corrected.

Aren’t we glad that we have this way in the form of cannabis to make ourselves more intuitive and better stewards of ourselves?

Has cannabis brought significant impact on your relationship with your emotion and body? If so, share your stories in the comments below!