When Consuming Marijuana Edibles: Tips to Deal When on a High

marijuana edible

You have made your own favorite weed brownie for the holidays and you didn’t mind checking on the THC content. And you also consumed other marijuana edibles because you wanted to make the festive season alive. Though it took longer for the edibles’ effect to kick in, you eventually found in a situation where feeling too high became too uncomfortable. You planned out your cannabis-induced holiday cheering to be great but then it turned out to be unexpectedly disastrous.

What the hell happened, you may ask?

Beginners who are still curious about cannabis may want to try out eating the edibles when they feel smoking  is not for them or they are allergic to smoke.

Okay, we get smoking cannabis is cool nowadays, especially if you have some vaporizers on hand and you use your favorite strain, but some are not cut to smoke the weed or even the vape.

So, they take in the edibles. After all, eating the marijuana-induced treats can bring the same effect; so why not eat them if they’re too delicious to resist.

marijuana edible

When you love cooking, and you want to infuse marijuana into your recipes, that would be something you have to do with right level of culinary education with cannabis.

Whether you want to eat the edibles or want to create them and then try them if they are good, you’d better be forewarned.

We are very cool about consuming cannabis-infused goodies, but we want to bring these tips if you believe that an intake of marijuana edible is worth the high you want to experience.

1.Check the THC content

If you want to make a cannabutter as a primary ingredient for the rest of the recipes you want to create, make sure to blend in the butter with the right amount of strains.

If you are not sure how you  weigh the THC content of the strain with the butter, it would be better to buy the cannabutter on the dispensary and check the label for THC content.

2. Consume the right amount

If you are still a novice and you want to get high, you may have to test your tolerance level first with cannabis.

Start by taking 5 milligrams of marijuana edible. That would be half of the 10-mg rule of thumb for edibles with high THC content.

3. Check the content for CDB and THC ratio

Okay, we get that you want to get high so you opt for a strain with a copious amount of THC. But then, you’re a novice still and you also believe that cannabis can help you ease some pain.

Your intention to take the cannabis product would be for both then: for medicinal purpose and to get high. So be smart. Check the label of the strain for equal ratio of CBD and THC.

4. Be more educated about marijuana edibles.

This goes very true for those who want to create some treats containing the favorite marijuana strains. Infusing your food with cannabis may add some flavor to it and would get you certain after effects that would not only be felt on the tightening stomach.

5. Consume ‘normal food’ before the marijuana edibles

Similar with alcohol intake, you may want to fill your stomach first with food and then mix it up with edibles. Weed brownie should be taken as a dessert after the heavy meals and not consume the favorite crunchy pastry as an appetizer.

We still believe that precaution and knowledge of food for intake is important in the consumption of marijuana edibles. But if you happen to be in the situation that too high is not what you expect, you may try these tips to deal with it:

1. Relax and stay calm.

Channel your emotional anxiety to that of positive. Relax or sleep if you want while on a high.

2. Meditate.

cannabis and meditation

This is a surefire way to help you calm your mind. Instead of thinking negative, feel the high during meditation where you feel an overwhelming sense of positivity.

3. Consider the black pepper remedy.

If you’re up to eating black pepper corns, then do it if you must. After all, there is a study that the spice can alleviate anxiety during the state of too high after consuming too much of THC-filled cannabis edibles.

4. Hydrate yourself

Water is a great therapy during the state that you feel anxious and you feel dryness in your mouth.

5. Distract yourself by being more creative

Some people who get high become more creative. They can write songs, poems or paint. Overcome the feeling of anxiety by being creatively productive during the state of high.

6. Listen to music or go for a walk

You can laugh with friends, dance, go for a walk or listen to music. But please avoid manoeuvring the steering wheel.

Being on a state of high may be uncomfortable to some, to novice or even to those who have been taking strains for many years.

Despite the dread that could be experienced during the state of high, be informed that there are no fatal effects of marijuana overdose unless you try to be bold enough and drive yourself to death. We don’t want that. To deal the things on a more positive way doesn’t only apply on sober situations.

And just a correction, experts say that there is no marijuana overdose, so you are still safe even if the high from marijuana edibles lasts longer than you want it to be.