We know you can make the face — you know the warrior face when you are being challenged.

cannabis running challenge

Starting the year right with fitness is one of the positive things you can do. Yes, it is also about the positivity baby, gals and guys.

The hashtag #positivevibes has been going around in the social media sphere for years and we want to get on that with a good year for the cannabis fans, enthusiasts, and lovers.


Okay, going back to fitness… it would be the right time to do that in the first week of this year, if not today.

Think of all the fats and calories that you have to shed after hovering all the goodies and fattening specialties from your wife, mother or husband.

These calories need to burn. It’s going to be a challenge. But did you know that you can burn those calories with the help of cannabis?

For those of you who already have that idea that fitness and cannabis can be combined, then good for you.

Thing is, for most of us, we believe that cannabis can help us relax. And that we have to sleep the high if it’s too much to handle.

But what we haven’t quite known yet is that there are cannabis strains that can get that adrenaline pumping.


Blueberry Dream is one of the strains from Leafs by Snoop that you can use to bring the energy.

Don’t confuse it with Blue Dream though, the more popular one.

However, it has been informed that these strains have similarities in characteristics. They have the same sweet blueberry flavor.

But the Blueberry Dream can make you energetic and relaxed or whatever your reaction would be after consuming its THC content, which is reportedly at 14%.

Other strains that could get you active are Harlequin, Sweet Kush, and the famous Jack Herrer.

Cannabis Mixed with Exercise

Based on a cannabis user’s perspectives, cannabis has helped her with her fitness goals despite abhorrence to getting sweat from work out.

Manda Lee shares the ways on how cannabis boosted her fitness perspective and goals.

One of the great things about combining cannabis and fitness is that it can help you focus more on targeted muscle groups. When I am working out I can now feel the exact muscles I want to contract and work, and I can consciously engage and activate them to get more power and strength out of my workouts. I find this to be especially great for weight lifting and keeping a steady pace when running

Aside from enhancing her bodily focus, cannabis can be used as a tool to shift perspectives, especially in fitness schedule.


A surprising discovery about cannabis is that it is regarded as a bronchodilator.

A puff before your workout will allow those bronchial tubes to take in more oxygen as well as enhancing blood flow (due to vasodilation). Both the increased air intake and increased blood vessel diameter deliver increased oxygen, which can be quite beneficial when exercising.

The recovery time after work out is one of the advantages of taking cannabis in fitness.

That is something I have to note because that brings me the drive to go into fitness while mixing it with cannabis prior to doing any exercise.


Aside from that, cannabis’ way to alleviate pain is a good relief during the workout where it is inevitable to experience certain discomfort or pain during and after the workout.

The cannabinoid content in cannabis has a way to help with the pain. Aside from that, it also brings wonder in suppressing appetite.

Although there are cases in which consuming cannabis can boost the appetite, the chemical compound can also have an effect in suppressing appetite. Dieters can take note of this.


Aside from boosting the energy, thanks to the THC content, marijuana can also burn the calories.

Based on this study, storage process of THC in the body can give exercisers an extra boost, even up to 28 days after consumption.

Suppressing the appetite and burning calories can help you achieve this goal:

fitness goal in using cannabis


With its pain-relieving effects, cannabis and exercise are sure to be a good combo to improve your physical health.