How to Smoke from a Bong and Get that High

how to smoke from a bong

Have you been smoking weed from a bong?

You can also get that high as if you’re smoking from a vape. And though it’s cooler to be smoking from a vape, smoking from a bong can be CLASSY.

It will be classier if you smoke it from this beautiful handmade glass pipe such as this:

handmade water pipe

Bong is also known as water pipe or water glass pipe, depending on the material. There are beautiful glass designs and there are those with more plain and exotic made from bamboo, ceramic and acrylic.

Smoking out of a bong is way different than smoking out of a pipe.  It’s even cooler than smoking out of a rolling paper. Why?

Because of the large capacity of smoke that you can inhale from the bong’s chamber that can make you high in no time, depending on the kind of strains you mix it up with water inside it.

So, how to smoke from a bong?

You can follow this simple step-by-step process, which we are inspired to get from the video created by Billowby. The video is too cool to share.

What you need to prepare include the bong, the right amount of water, ice and your favorite cannabis strain. Of course, have the match or lighter with you.

1. Fill your bong with water.

How to prepare a bong

Pour the water from the top of the chamber and fill it just enough so that the stem is submerged in about 1/2 to one inch of water.

Too much water in the bong won’t be good as it will splash up and the water might get in your mouth while inhaling. We don’t want that, do we?


2. Add ice to the chamber to chill the smoke.

Ice can make the smoke smoother as claimed by some smokers.

How to prepare a bong, add ice


3. Pack the bowl of your bong with your favorite strain.

cannabis strain


Before filling the bong, break your favorite strain or whatever herb you like into small grinds.

marijuana strain small grinds


Just fill in the right amount of the herbs you like to mix inside the bong through the stem. Don’t fill it too much or it might clog the bong.

fill the bong with cannabis strain

4. Put your mouth on the top of the chamber. And as you do, put your finger on the carburation then the other finger is holding a lighter to lit the substance on the stem part.

Your lips should go inside the rim of the mouthpiece, not around it.

Put your mouth inside the bong

Avoid slobbering all over the mouthpiece. Doing so is bad manner especially if you’re sharing the bong with someone. And yup, let’s face it. It’s gross if you do that.

Make sure your mouth is firmly pressing into the mouthpiece so as to avoid allowing air to escape as you smoke.

Some bongs have carburation or carbs that are holes located on the side of the bong or the bong stem. If you are smoking out of this style bong, cover the hole with one finger before lighting the bowl.

But if your bong does not have a carb, then don’t bother. It won’t be a hassle putting one finger to cover the carb while your other hand is lighting the substance on the stem.

5. Fire up your strain with a lighter or a match into the bowl of the stem and hold it as you inhale through your mouth with your lips on the inside of the bong.

how to smoke a bong

bong, smoke from a bong
Once you see the glowing red inside the chamber as you lit the substance, release the fire.

6. Suck the smoke with good strength until the bong fills with smoke.

how to smoke from a bong

 If the bong has a carb, take your finger off of it or pull out the bowl piece.

Doing so removes the substance and allows the smoke to clear out of the bong without resistance.

In properly smoking from a bong after inhaling and while you want to take a break, cover the mouthpiece with the palm of your hand before removing the carb.

7. Inhale the rest of the smoke.

how to smoke a bong

You do not have to suck hard to remove the smoke from the chamber after removing the carb because there will be no resistance.

8. Hold the smoke for several seconds, and then EXHALE.

how to smoke a bong

All images are screengrabs from  Billowby video.

If you wish to check the video, watch it below:


If you want to have a bong like below, you can join the New Year Bongin Contest.


handmade water pipe



We’d like to thank for sharing with us this beautiful handmade water pipe.

Happy Smoking New Year!