Ganjly’s Cannabis-inspired New Year’s Resolution List

Ganjly Cannabis Resolution List

The Hollyweed prank could be a sign of a better year for the weed this 2018. And we’re hoping it’s going to be because there are a lot more reasons for us to celebrate the new year in the spirit of cannabis being widely embraced by many people.

Thing is the road to cannabis legalization can be rough. We can’t really expect smooth-sailing transition nor full embrace because people need to be more informed.

In 2017 which we have seen growth in the cannabis industry especially in Colorado we want the same thing to happen in California where Ganjly is currently based. Yeah, thank God, we are in a state that has legalized marijuana for medical and recreational uses.

And so in the spirit of cannabis again, we want to share this New Year’s Resolution list, praying that 2018 will be a better year for cannabis.

1. Publish more posts about cannabis.

hemp paper

We want more people to be informed about this, cannabis, the industrial hemp, marijuana.

We know that there are online publishers headlining cannabis news and sharing information about cannabis benefits, but we believe that the more online sites are going to be in this sphere, the more people will be more informed, more open-minded about the herb, hemp, hempseed and cannabis, overall.

2. Connect with more dispensaries

cannabis dispensaries

Okay, we believe that we are in the business of cannabis and we also want to be sustainable. And so we think, we highly think, that by connecting with more dispensaries, we can get more people informed about where they can shop for best strains available.

Again, we also want to be sustainable. That’s our honest way to include this in the list.

3. Try New Strains and Make Reviews about Them

marijuana strains


Consuming marijuana strains may be the best thing ever. But when we first start this thing, it is only we’ve found out that there are many strains to try.
That gives us the idea to really try them seriously, make subsequent reviews and share whatever findings we have.

We have started Ganjly and we believe that there are many things we can do starting with posting reviews about strains.

4. Buy a New Piece of Bong

This handmade glass pipe is so special we want to have it and use it for our gratification.

handmade water pipe

Buying is an option. You can have this beautiful handmade glass pipe by joining our contest.

5. Be Socially Responsible by Getting Involved with Cannabis Legalization.

road to legalization


By publishing stories and getting our voices heard for cannabis legalization, we believe we can make a difference in our own little way.

There are many voices thinking out loud, clamoring for a wide cannabis legalization. We are one of these loud voices out there.

6. Share the Latest Updates on Cannabis Legalization.

Politician being interviewed by the press

2017 is a pivotal year for cannabis legalization for the 8 states. And there are more states to cover for passing measures for cannabis legalization as we move on 2018.

7. Discover New Consumption Methods and Be Generous.

We know this…

top marijuana strains


marijuana edible

And this:

how to smoke from a bong

But we want to discover more.

By discovering more, we can share with more people about the new ways of consuming cannabis. That’s one of the generous ways we can think and do possibly for our readers.

So that was our list, the lucky 7. We believe a bit about numerology and the fortune behind some numbers. We are not superstitious, but we believe in things metaphysical. Yep, kinda.

At this juncture, we want you to share with us your cannabis-inspired new year’s resolution list. Use the hashtag #ganjlyresolution and #ganjly.

Who knows, you might win a prize from us, especially if you join our New Year Bongin Contest.