5 Benefits of Vaporizing versus Smoking Weed

Vaping is the trend. It is the “in” thing. And though, many of us would still prefer rolling a joint and puffing from it, what we may fail to realize is that there is something better than smoking, and that is vaping.

I used to think that smoking a vape is similar to smoking a joint. I was very wrong in having thought that. I just realized that I was that ignorant until I tried to vape.

Vaping or vaporizing is really different from smoking your favorite strain from a joint. And what’s surprising is that there are more benefits in using vaporizer than combusting a rolled paper so you can get that high.

So here’s the question you might ask and I am very willing to answer: why use a vaporizer instead of smoking your favorite strains or blends of herbs?

Ganjly vaporizer

Well, let’s just put things into order and relay to you the 5 benefits that vaping has compared to smoking.

1. Vaping doesn’t give you that tar and other toxic by-products you get from smoking.

Smoking a weed may not get you that lung cancer as opposed to smoking from a tobacco. However, it doesn’t mean that you can’t get the tar and other toxins produced from combusting a material. What’s more worse is that if you inhale the smoke from the rolled joint, you could also absorb more noxious chemicals into your lungs.

2. Vaping may not give you lung damage.

A Volcano Vaporizer, a vape product from Vapor Nation, is reportedly safe and effective when tested to patients under cannabis medication during 2006 study performed by researchers at Leiden University. The final evaluation of that study regards vaping into a better light compared to smoking cannabis. It found out that while vaping can be comparable to smoking of the cannabis, it avoided the respiratory disadvantages of smoking.

Volcano Vaporizer by Vapor Nation
Volcano Classic Vaporizer by Vapor Nation

3. Vaping is not combusting and so you can’t taste burning substance.

Even though vaporizing is the process of heating plant materials 380-410° F, it is not regarded as an act of combusting. That means, your weed is not burnt.

And even though there is a smoke coming out while you puff from a vaporizer, that gas is 88% lower than the traditional smoke. In fact, harmful toxins from cannabis strains can be avoided by using vaporizer.

4. Vaping tastes much better.

Since your favorite weed is not burnt because vaping is just below the process of combustion, you can taste and even smell the sweet flavor of the strain.

5. By vaping and inhaling short, shallow puffs, you can already get noticeable therapeutic effects.

Vaporizing your strain is more cost-efficient compared to smoking joints. Why? if you include the stronger or milder strain in that vape, you can get that effect from THC in just a few puffs.

By producing vapor at a temperature much lower than that of combustion, your ingredients will last much longer than smoking them.

Ganjly vaporizer

The Bottomline

Vaporizing provides the marijuana users with better taste  and smelling wonderfully because its process involves extraction of the full flavor & purity of the herb.

And vaping is more efficient and conserving of your favorite herb or cannabis strain that you want to try. Thus, it can save you more money.

Just a few puffs from your favorite vaporizer, you can get that high.

Isn’t it cool to vape than to smoke weed nowadays? What do you think?