17 Personalities and Their Famous Weed Quotes

Ganjly Weed Quotes

Cannabis activism is real. We have websites that inform people about what marijuana is and the benefits of hemp. We have articles and stories of moms having their sons and daughters treated with medical cannabis. These moms want medical cannabis to be legal in the nation so that others can also benefit from the substance without fear of having to face the law. And then we have personalities, famous even, who are blatant or seriously honest in their use or opinion about the weed, the marijuana and other terminologies pertaining to the same or variety of the herb.

As we amplify our voice to make cannabis more legal nationwide, we also need to halt for a bit and take some inspirations from those who have voiced their opinion or two on what they perceive about the weed and what they want something to be achieved, considering marijuana’s illicit status in many jurisdictions.

Many personalities integrated in this list are already deceased but we want to resurrect a part of them through their famous weed quotes.

We start with the famous Rastafarian, who incorporated his music with a good leaf.

1.Bob Marley, the famous reggae musician of all time

He is, perhaps, the most famous musician who voiced his love for cannabis during the time when the substance was outlawed in most countries and jurisdictions. Though deceased, he is immortalized through his song and memes that always depict his association with the herb.

Ganjly Weed Quotes

2. Bill Hicks, American stand-up comedian (deceased)

Bill Hicks

3. Russell Brand, British comedian and actor

This quote is from his book, My Booky Wook.

Russell Brand

4. Melissa Etheridge, Grammy-winning American rock performer

Melissa Etheridge


5. Louis Armstrong, American Jazz musician and singer (deceased)

Louis Armstrong

6. Willie Nelson, American country rock musician, singer, songwriter, author, poet, actor, and activist. 

Willie Nelson

7. Richard Neville, Australian writer and former editor of Oz Magazine (deceased)

Richard Neville

8. Sebastian Marincolo is a philosopher and author of High and Insights of Marijuana.

He is based in Germany and he also blogs. One of the good reads from him would be this: What a High can do for Sex. 

Ganjly Weed Quote, Sebastian Marincolo

9. Allen Ginsberg, American writer (deceased)

Perhaps, one of his known association with marijuana was his article: The Great Marijuana Hoax. It was published The Atlantic Monthly on November 1966 and can be cited as one of the earliest writings depicting cannabis activism.

Ganjly Weed Quote, Allen Ginsberg

10. Kurt Vonnegut, American writer and novelist (deceased)

Ganjly Weed Quote, Kurt Vonnergurt

11. Carl Sagan, American astronomer

Ganjly Weed Quote, Carl Sagan

12. Henry Ford (deceased), the Founder of Ford Motors

One of the prototypes of his Ford T-model cars was made of hemp.

Ganjly Weed Quote, Henry Ford

13. Jack Herer(deceased), the Emperor of Hemp

Jack was a famous  American cannabis activist. And he still is as he has been immortalized by a sativa strain named after him in honor of his work in making hemp and cannabis varieties legal.

Ganjly Weed Quote of Jack Herer

14. Matt Lauer, American television journalist

Ganjly Weed Quotes, Matt Lauer

15. Nick Offerman, American writer, actor and stand-up comedian

Ganjly Weed Quotes, Nick Offerman

16. Cornell Woolrich, American novelist and short story writer (deceased)

Ganjly Weed Quotes, Cornell Woolrich

17. Terence McKenna (deceased), American enthobotanist and mystic

Ganjly Weed Meme, Terence McKenna

Have you been inspired to learn more about cannabis?

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