4 Controversial Cannabis News that You Should Know

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We have a slew of positive cannabis-related news at the start of 2017. But the scale has been balanced by some unfavorable turn of events that should not be read or published.

However, negative news also sell as you can see or read on tabloids.

Despite any attempt to control the emotion of certain groups or communities or even individuals, some news are not really good for the heart nor the health for that matter.

But we want to share these things so you can also be aware of any development occurring in the cannabis industry.

Here are the stories you may want to know as you anticipate the end of the week.

1.“Fake” News Story About Cannabis at CBS News

Cannabis advocates have a reason to rant over the CBS report linking cannabinoid hyperemesis syndrome (CHS) with chronic cannabis use.

An Indiana man, Lance Crowder, told CBS that he was suffering from abdominal pains and vomiting for more than two years. And these symptoms stopped when he decided to cut on cannabis.

The article was published on December 2016 but it is only recently that many reacted when they have seen it on their news feed. It has outraged many readers, especially when they see this headline: Mysterious illness tied to marijuana use on the rise in states with legal weed.

You can’t really say and inform the readers the object in question to be “on the rise” when you only feature one person who suffers from excessive cannabis use as the man pointed out.

Although the remedy of CHS as pointed out in the article would only be hot showers or baths—and something that CBS also hinted as “unclear reasons” for relief of symptoms such as nausea and vomiting—many find the reporting to be fake news.

Experts agree that there’s insufficient case to warrant the supposedly scary headline to be published on the news outlets such as CBS.

I think it has been misportrayed by the media and sensationalized a bit. Imagine the articles that could be written about the side effects, and ER visits from prescription drugs.

Mary Pat Hoffman, a pharmacist and dispensary licensee in Maryland, said about the headline on CBS in an article at Herb.

Also, what the publisher of that fake news may have not included is that of an insecticide called Azadirachtin that can be used by cannabis cultivators. That insecticide could be linked to the symptoms of CHS.

2. After being MIA, Zach Fernandez has made himself available at LAPD’s Hollywood station for misdemeanor trespassing.

Fernandez got famous for his Hollyweed prank, one of the cannabis-related news that rocked 2017. He was eventually released at the station after posting a $1,000 bond.

3. Oldest Cannabis Coffee shop in Amsterdam has been forced to close

Mellow Yellow, Amsterdam’s oldest coffee shop famous for serving weed, has been forced to close its doors due to the new law that prohibits coffee shop operating within 250 meters near a school. That law also impedes any non-Dutch nations from visiting weed shops in the famous city.

Johnny Petram, the owner of Mellow Yellow, was not prepared for the closing of his shop, which operated since 1967.

I tried to make the best of it but it was the worst day of my life. Mellow Yellow was the oldest coffee shop in Amsterdam and now it’s gone.

Petram is a life-long cannabis enthusiast, an apparent reputation when you operated the oldest coffee shop in a city known for weeds before recreational marijuana use has been legalized in the state of California.

  1. Vaping keeps getting banned

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FDA has a crackdown on vaping despite the benefits of using that method to relax as opposed to smoking tobacco or cannabis. It even published a document titled, “The Deeming.” Through the document, the agency outlined its reasons for enforcing strict regulations that could ban all vaping-based products.

This could bring more outrage to those who favor vaping compared to smoking.

However, words around the mill point to the tobacco industry’s vulnerability (and nervousness) should vaping products are widely accepted in the market.

But despite the ban, many people still favor the vapor coming out from the vape.

What do you think of this ban on vaping ?

Your reactions are valuable to us so we encourage you to post some comments below.