7 Designs of Glass Bong to Choose at Bongin

    handmade water pipe

    A simple glass bong with just the plain glass material, transparent enough where you can see the smoke inside the chamber may serve its functionality. But people, with their changing preferences, desire for better aesthetics in design on almost any material. The glass water pipe or the bong is no exception.

    The glass bong makers don’t just create functional smoking pipes made from simple to thick Pyrex glass. They mold the glass pipes- intended for smoking weed, herb or e-juice- into intricate patterns that handling them would feel like you’re holding glass sculptures. They’re artworks with certain function, not just any decoration you can put on shelves or furniture.

    The good thing is that there are companies that manufacture the glass-made, smoking apparatus integrating designs that range from simple to intricate and cleverly hand-crafted. You can just find them on the Internet. That would save you the hassle from going to a glass shop where you may end up not buying anything because of the many choices that can make you indecisive.

    To appreciate the variety of designs of glass pipes on an aesthetic level, we would like to impart some designs from online smoke shop such as Bongin, which you can consider to include in a shopping list if you wish to have a beautifully handcrafted bong or as a gift item for someone special.

    One of the 7 designs could be just what you need for your next smoking session.

    1.Mini Bong Shark

    Bongin Mini Bong Glass Shark

    If blue is your favorite color, this Mini Bong Shark could be the the coolest item you can use or even put on a table top to make it convenient. The amazing blue color of the mini bong wth a height of 8.5 inches and a Pyrex glass thickness of 2.8 mm is not just an ordinary bong.

    The curved mouthpiece with a carb hole brings more the appeal. It comes with one piece slider that can be tightened with a rubber grommet if you wish to acquire it.

    2. Blue Fairy 5mm glass bong 

    Bongin glass bong

    This is another blue bong for those blue lovers there.
    The Blue Fairy 5mm glass bong has that name because of its glass thickness. It is a stylish bong with intricately designed blue motive with marbles.
    Though it has a classic shape, it is equipped with an ice catcher to deliver smoother smoking. Acquiring it would also include two pieces slider with a diffuser.
    You can have this bong with a bowl or a pre-cooler.

    3. Water Bong Weed Lagoon

    This classic shaped bong with a with glass thickness of 4mm and tube size of 40 mm supplement its height of 15 inches, giving you a bigger-sized handcrafted glass artwork to use for smoking.

    The water bong is decorated with waves pattern and the azure-colored leaf design on the tube part that gives you the impression that it is intended to be used for the herb.  and the tube part with an azure color leaf. It comes with two pieces slider with a diffuser once you check it out at Bongin.

    4. Water Bong Freedom March

    The origin of the name of the glass bong is intriguing and so its design. The red pattern and silver fuming decorated at the mouthpiece and tube and then at the base and stem are wonderfully crafted.

    I could just put it at the top of the shelve and no one would look at it as a glass pipe unless I use it in a smoking session with a weed buddy.

    The small bong that stands at 7.5 inches is equipped with ice holder and a carb holder. It has a one piece slider that can be tighten with a rubber grommet.

    And did I mention that it is made of Pyrex glass?

    5. Water Bong Autumn Leaves 

    Water Bong Autumn Leaves can come with a pre-cooler to bring in the ice for a smoother smoking session. But what makes this stand out is that is designed for heaving fuming to bring a strong color changing effect. This bong brings patterns on the tube and stem with with leaves in autumn colors as original designs.

    It is equipped with an ice catcher, and together with the stem, is ended with a diffuser.

    6. Gothic Skull Glass Bong

    glass bong

    If you wish to have enigmatic and downright scary with artistic art sculpture of a bong, then you can choose the Gothic Skull Glass Bong.

    It is regarded as the coolest piece for all skull lovers. The Pyrex-made bong has a handy size water chamber in the shape of a skull and twisted tube part.

    This specially-designed glass bong is handblown from a very strong Pyrex glass. A carb hole is on the back side and the stem is tighten with a rubber grommet.

    7. Spiky Glass Bong

    Spiky Glass Bong is one of the thickest bongs at Bongin and one of its premium offers. It is created from a pure Pyrex glass in a very interesting shape. It’s like having a holder in a glass at the tube area. It has a very deep bowl is connected to the stem ended with a diffuser.

    You can check more designs from the Czech Republic-based glass bong online store, Bongin, at its extensive gallery of glass bongs and water pipes.

    Image credit: Bongin.com