Colorado, California and Oregon are the states with the most progressive measures pertaining to cannabis legality, commercialization and cultivation. While other states are still pushing their legislators to amend state constitution and allow decriminalizing marijuana and approving medical marijuana bills, these states have already made significant progresses in cannabis matters.

Cannabis Capital Cities

Oregon is the first state to decriminalize cannabis in 1972. But decades before that, cannabis was completely legal until 1935 when a group of insolent, arrogant jerks pushed the passing of Uniform State Narcotic Drug Act. The Beaver State currently enjoys the reputation of having the liveliest cannabis counterculture activities in America.

But speaking of counterculture, Colorado has almost eclipsed other states when it comes to the commercialization and cultural aspects of anything cannabis. In fact, cannabis is already a multi-billion dollar industry  in the Centennial State. And its cannabis tourism is among the most active in all of the US.

Meanwhile, California’s success in making cannabis as the most valuable commodity recently has, perhaps, eliminated many doubts about the potential of the herb into making a country or state’s economy sustainable and progressive.

With these three states at the acme of cannabis legalization and commercialization in America, we can readily pick the cities, viable enough to be called the cannabis capital cities of America, if not the world.

Similar to classifying cities in America when it comes to fashion, in which New York, Los Angles and Miami have been reputed as the fashion capitals, these cities have been proven to have relevant position as models for other cities and towns to be emulated when the cannabis legalization measures would be eventually passed in their turfs.


Denver, cannabis capital

The Mile High City has already engraved the position as the most liberal location when it comes to anything cannabis. In fact in a study, many out-of-staters want to visit the Centennial State just to experience the cannabis counterculture. And Denver is at the top of the advantage for visitors who want to experience some weeds, despite only a few percentage of them are brazen enough to see what is inside the dispensary shops.

While other cities are still setting up pot shops for their medical marijuana cardholders, Denver already has numerous dispensaries to hold a plethora of marijuana strains for recreational users.  It is the city with flourishing cannabis seed banks.

In a state that lures people from other states to experience the cannabis culture through relevant ad campaigns, Denver has the clear advantage of being at the top of the cannabis game. You can see that through the several pot shops and various cannabis events being held in the city.

Denver currently holds the distinction as the champion cannabis city, thus, it is mile-high worthy of being called US’ cannabis capital.



Portland Oregon-cannabis capital

The thriving recreational marijuana shops lining up in Portland is a clear testament that its cannabis culture is alive and it’s contributing to the counterculture atmosphere of the city. It holds many cannabis festivals putting the city at a significant advantage than other cities in the west coast.

The significant number of recreational weed stores in Portland would dwarf  other cities in the West Coast especially in California, the state that  has recently legalized marijuana but the recreational dispensaries would have to wait until next year to receive their licenses to legally sell weeds for recreational adult users.

Portland holds the distinction of being the most active cannabis capital in the West Coast when we pertain to the number of cannabis festivals and opportunities for medical and recreational users.

3. Los Angeles

Los Angeles, Cannabis Capital

The City of Angels has the advantage of making it at the top of the cannabis industry because of its population. With approximately four million people living in one of the alpha cities in the world, the cannabis industry has the great potential of making it a significant contributor in the city’s economy as well of California.

The big population aside, the city has the distinction of being the origin of many marijuana strains. Unofficially, it is called the City of Kush.

We may have to wait another year before we can see tremendous growth in this industry as we see more recreational users begin to queue up after the recreational weed shops obtain their retail licenses.

4. San Francisco

San Francisco, cannabis capital

San Francisco has its eccentricities and one of which is its cannabis culture, which is increasingly popular in the Bay area. Th fact that is has one of the largest marijuana production facilities in California is one of the reasons why it should be regarded as the cannabis capital cities in America.

We can also expect explosion of growth once the city already allows it recreational weed shops to propagate, the same manner as what’s happening in Los Angeles.

The four champion cities of cannabis have significant marks in the progress of cannabis culture in in a country that continues to classify marijuana as an illegal drug. How ironic, isn’t it?

image credits: Pixabay