5 Celebrity Cannabis Activists You Should Know and Follow

Cannabis activists may look like any human being but they have made significant contributions to  make more people well-informed in mostly positive ways about what cannabis really is and what it can do.  Their voices mostly target the government and politicians for obvious reason: to bring about political shift in the matters of law, regulation and treatment of cannabis and its users.

Bringing social and political change is the aim of any activist. I believe we all know that. Mostly, activists risk their lives and reputation just to bring that change, the event and the result they deem to be for the social good. Similarity or differences in principles but with common denominator may be the factor for the activists to forge together and raise their voices, not just on the streets through protest, but also through television and online interviews, writing books and articles and consistent posting on social media.

But there is a group of cannabis activists who use their reputation, influence and popularity as leverages to derive at seemingly rapid shift in consciousness of people about views on cannabis. A celebrity with thousands and millions of followers could deliver almost instantaneous change in attitude about certain belief or objects such as marijuana. These are the individuals we owe certain gratitude because they risk their credibility just to inform people and say, “hey! I smoke weed. I feel good after hitting a joint. I know that it’s good for me.” Even those words can send immediate reaction to the followers and even to other groups of people, helping them to open their minds about that stuff. Of course, we can’t really force other people to be immediately receptive about this thing especially if they have been programmed that cannabis is bad and evil. Add to that fact is the possible imprisonment if they posses even a pound of the leaves.

But still, we have admiration to these people who put certain risks, use their credibility to voice out their views and opinion and make more people aware that cannabis has benefits. It is not just for escapism. It’s more than that.

And because people have been made ignorant about this stuff, there should be the someone influential enough to break the curse of ignorance.

These influential celebrities may be what we need to fast track the people’s consciousness about marijuana so that the fear of imprisonment will be eradicated and that certain laws can be passed or amended and then approved so more responsible people can have access to cannabis.

1. Snoop Dogg

Why is he the most influential cannabis activist?

If you have a brand of cannabis with your name tagged on it and distribute the products to the mainstream, you surely have that power most especially if you are among the best-selling rappers in the music world.

Snoop Dogg’s reputation is not just in America. He is an international rapper with an international brand. That is a factor which makes him among the most influential activists with social media and Hollywood visibility.

Be among his 15M+ followers on Twitter @SnoopDogg.

2. Seth Rogen

A Hollywood celebrity like Seth Rogen with many memes and quotes about weed is rare. Although we have celebrities like Rihanna who are very open about their smoking of weed, no other celebrities who can match Rogen when it comes to voicing out strong opinion and blending it with comical acts just to bring the fun and the “point”.

Add to the fact that he is a writer who says that:” I smoke weed when I write” on MTV, Rogen is an example of a weed user that portrays a jolly character that radiates positivity, reflecting a notion, assumption or conclusion that indeed, cannabis can make anyone creative, happy and positive.

Bring more laughs to your life by following him on Twitter @sethrogen.

3. Dr. Sanjay Gupta

Though he admitted that he once had negative opinion about marijuane, he made a certain kind of redemption admirable to most cannabis activists.

The CNN Chief Medical Correspondent has been helping in the cannabis legalization by making more people understand the science behind medical marijuana. He uses his medical journalism reputation by creating documentary films to help open the minds of more people and to help in fighting the rise of addiction epidemic.

You can follows his tweets about views and personal lives with cannabis subjects in this mix on Twitter @drsanjaygupta.

4. Nancy Botwin a.k.a Dr. Dina

She is the Queen of Cannabis and is undoubtedly among the most influential and important personalities in the cannabis industry. She founded the nonprofit organization, Freedom Grow and she is instrumental in opening the first-ever medical marijuana doctor’s office.

She now runs several dispensaries and her connection with Hollywood celebrities makes her a very important in the cannabis industry.

She may be called Dr. Dina in the celebrity world, thanks to her association with Snoop Dogg, but her real name is Nancy Botwin.

Follow her on Twitter @DrDina.

5. Montell Williams

Montel Williams on cannabis for treating multiple sclerosis


A former celebrity talk show host and actor, Montell Williams is one of the first celebrities who spoke out about their use of medical marijuana for treating multiple sclerosis since 1999 on national television. That was a commendable and bold act during the time when most people still found cannabis to be an illegal substance with negative addicting effects.

Williams also suffers multiple sclerosis and attributes medical marijuana as the primary treatment when all other drugs fail to bring relief to symptoms of the autoimmune disease.

Now, he has moved on making more lives better through his startup, LenitivLabs.

For years since founding MS Foundation, the nonprofit organization he founded to focus on research and education on multiple sclerosis, Williams has helped change many lives and aided in shifting the consciousness of people in the matters of medical marijuana.

Follow Williams on Twitter @montell_williams.

We have recently brought to you the short list of celebrities who we believe bring the most impact to a large audience on the matters relating to cannabis. However, it doesn’t mean that we will focus on just these personalities to follow.

More and more people have been bold enough to express their views, their fancy and their honest use of marijuana on social media. You could learn a thing or even heaps from the tweets of these influential cannabis activists.

image credit: Seth Rogen and Weedmemes.com