5 Products Made from Hemp

products made from hemp

There are several theories about why industrial hemp has struggled to enjoy the renaissance it deserves. It used to be one of the most valuable plants. Even the founding fathers of America such as Washington, Franklin and Jefferson even cultivated hemp. Why it became a banned herb is an enigma. But we surely can’t discount the products made from hemp because these products are noted to be ecologically viable, when hemp is concerned.

If you think of the perceived notoriety of hemp, it boils down to the “pot factor”.

A cannabis sativa species, industrial hemp  have struggles to gain widespread cultivation because of its classification. And that’s totally unfair because how can the plant be regarded somewhat dangerous when it could be cultivated to create products that are not only beneficial, but also feasible alternatives than other raw materials and plants to create certain products such as consumer goods.

Here are the products made from hemp that could make you surprised, and perhaps, baffle you why the herb is banned.

1. Hemp paper used in religions such as Bible

The Bible is one of the best-selling books in the world. But did you know that ancient Bibles used hemp as the primary material for making the book?

Kimberly Clark, a Fortune 500 company, prints Bibles on hemp-based paper at a paper mill in France. Ancient manuscripts in China were made of hemp. Before 1880’s, many of the school textbooks were made of hemp. Even the paper used in the Declaration of Independence of America was made of hemp.

Hemp paper is not only a religious material before. It was a commonly-used material for making paper until the ban of cannabis plants.

One acre of hemp can produce those cellulose pulps as 4.1 acres of trees.It would take 20 years for the trees to be feasible to be used as a paper versus 4 months for industrial Hemp.

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2.  Clothing and underwear

The word canvas pertains to the textile made of hemp. If you think about it, the canvas material is a popular textile for clothing and not just for painting. Bags made of canvas can also be made. Sails and some tents are made from canvas material.

Although canvas used to be made of hemp, most of today’s canvas materials are made of cotton. But recently, the clothes made of hemp are making a renaissance.

When we think of canvas, we regard the sturdy, durable plain-woven fabric that are heavy. But today’s hemp textiles have become light that they can be used for men’s underwear. Even bra made of hemp has been produced.

3. Food products

The cannabis oil is perhaps the popular hemp-based product. But we also have hempseeds, the superfood, that can be sterilized to be used as bird seeds. Perhaps, the birds can benefit more from the superfood.

But hempseeds can still be used for human consumption. Will Gaudet Jr., a 21-year-old from California, started Bay Roots, a brand of hemp seed burgers from his mother’s recipe. The brand burger may bring hemp seeds as a more nutritious material for burgers as Gaudet raises enough on his IndieGoGo campaign to take his product national.

4. Biofuels

The CBD oil is not just for human consumption for physical benefits. It can also used as an alternative fuel.

Hemp’s resistant to pests and weeds makes the plant more viable to cultivate. It grows faster than other potential biofuel crops. A potential biofuel, hemp can be the answer to the problems of energy crisis.

5. Skin products including makeup

Hemp seed oil can be used as a base in a range of cosmetics.  From foundation to lipstick to nail polish, the skin benefits of hemp have been utilized for beauty products. With the increasing demand of beauty prodcuts, we can already imagine a lot of hemp to be cultivated if only the plant would be widely-accepted in the legislative department.

Industrial hemp is a more adaptable and sustainable plant with serious planet-improving potential than other plants. Marijuana, a plant that goes best with your favorite food, are one and the same. These are cannabis plants grown for very different purposes.

The number of diverse products made with hemp seeds, oil and fiber is eye-opening. This is one seriously multitasking plant used to make consumer products. We’ve even read and heard of cars made from hemp.

The North American Industrial Hemp Council and other pro-hemp groups claim that by failing to tap into hemp’s potential and instead importing the product from Canada, Europe, and China, the U.S. is missing out on a huge economic opportunity. Hemp, claims the NAIHC, can be used to make some 25,000 products. Or it can be more.

Here’s hoping for hemp to be legalized soon. Kentucky and other states have already had measures for hemp cultivation.