Ganjly has recently partnered with Weed Buddy to add trending ganja news and features to the Alexa skill. We view this an awesome opportunity for those who wish to learn more about the Alexa skill and be enlightened of the news and features, originally posted on this website and can now be heard using the smart gadgets, Amazon Echo and Amazon Echo Dot.

If you haven’t known about Weed Buddy yet, you will be surprised of how awesome this application is. In fact, we were even more amazed when we had come to learn of what the Alexa skill could do to help cannabis users about marijuana and other bits and facts using the best-selling Amazon smart speakers.

You can totally check out the video below and know what we are talking about:

What is Weed Buddy?

Weed Buddy is an Alexa skill for the cannabis industry delivering trending news from Ganjly.

That’s right. It is a skill you can enable at Alexa app or through the Amazon Store website.

Developed by Care Package Club, Weed Buddy is perhaps, the first and only skill that you can integrate at the smart speaker from Amazon and learn about the cannabis industry. Weed Buddy has partnered with Ganjly in the sense that you can ask “what is happening in the community?” And Alexa will reply with the latest news from Ganjly. That’s fantastic, isn’t it?

Grow your knowledge about the herb, cannabis and the many strains that are distributed in the cannabis market today. Just hear it from the Amazon smart speaker once you have installed and activated the Weed Buddy skill.

Imagine getting information from a virtual assistant through a speaker about the Blue Dream and what strain with the fruity flavor that you like to smoke or to use on a vape.

Weed Buddy boasts of having a wide marijuana strain database so you can learn not just the Blue Dream or the Kush, but a whole lot of strains commercially available in the market.

Now, aside from the marijuana strains, they can learn more information about cannabis news and features because whatever is posted on Ganjly can be heard on the smart speaker. It is either you can read first what is the latest cannabis post on this website or hear it from Amazon speaker. Yep, awesome! Right?

Ganjly Canna Business Directory on Weed Buddy

Ganjly and Weed Buddy also target businesses and dispensaries that want to be included in the canna business directory on Ganjly. The uniqueness of this feature is that users of Amazon smart speakers such as Echo and Echo Dot can learn about where to go should they wish to buy marijuana strains by asking Alexa.

Aside from the Alexa skill, Weed Buddy is also available on Google Voice Service. That means, Ganjly has more channels to promote dispensaries included in its canna business directory.

If you have a cannabis shop and you want to sign up in Ganjly Canna Business Directory, just take a closer look of our promotional offers by clicking here.

Ganjly’s partnership with Weed Buddy is another testament of the integration of technology to provide convenience to cannabis enthusiasts and users.