Foliar Essence, Power Up Your Plants with Foliar Spray

We were able to interview a Sylvia Campos of Foliar Essence. @foliaressence created a 100% organic and vegan based foliar spray. It yields 20% more than other foliar sprays. It increases trichome production, terpenes terpenoids & cannabinoids.  


Ganjly: What is Foliar Essence?

Sylvia Campos: Foliar Essence is plant nutrient supplement and extremely effective all natural growth promoter, which is fed to plants through their leaves, as a foliar spray. It is made from Organic soybeans, rice, sugarcane, and a proprietary blend of fermented organic plants.

Foliar Essence works by activating during a plant’s key growing stages: creating a strong root set, supplying the needed amino acids and micronutrients to allow a plant to grow vigorously in the vegetative stage while lessening its fertilizer requirements, and increasing the amount and quality of its trichome production in the flowering stage. Our foliar spray is 100% organic and plant based, and powerful enough to increase a plant’s natural defense mechanisms against environmental stressors, which allows the plant to increase its essential oils production.

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These oils become richer as flowering progresses, oozing resin during this stage to provide a higher concentration of terpenes and cannabinoids. Treating plants with Foliar Essence supports the plant’s natural ability to bring out the loud aromas, and quality chemical compounds that provide an array of medicinal benefits in cannabis.


It is ultimately an exciting growing solution which is non-toxic, free of synthetic components, chemicals, pesticides, and heavy metals, to ensure that the end product is of the purest quality.


Ganjly: What made you go into the cannabis market? How did you get started into the business?

Sylvia Campos: Our product is produced in Holland, which has a history of tolerance for cannabis use but not so much for cannabis cultivation. When we formulated Foliar Essence for growing cannabis, we saw an opportunity to bring it to the U.S. since more markets are opening to the cultivation of cannabis and consumer demand for organic and vegan cannabis products is on the rise.

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We started importing Foliar Essence to California in 2016, and established an online store at where we sell our product nation-wide and to Canada. Being a small family-run business we take pride in being a part of the growing cannabis community with our social media presence on instagram @foliaressence and now have nearly 1000 growers who are using our product for both indoor and outdoor growing.


Ganjly: Have you faced many challenges while working in the cannabis market?

Sylvia Campos: Yes, and no. The cannabis industry, although developing rapidly in the US is still an emerging market that places commercial cultivation largely outside of the public eye, where few growers self-identify. This makes it harder for us to reach our target audience.

At the same time, we are learning about our expanding base of passionate at-home growers. Artisanal growers and those that grow their own medicine, have shown the most vocal appreciation for our easy to use brand, and through Instagram we can provide an opportunity for anonymous posting from private growers who may want to share their experience growing with Foliar Essence.

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Ganjly: What is your relationship to cannabis?

Sylvia Campos: As a brand our personal connection to cannabis is alignment with the core values shared by the greater cannabis community: culture, education and cultivation. We have a passion for learning and sharing in the knowledge that our product makes a difference to those who have a direct interest in growing their own cannabis, or are passionate about sourcing clean cannabis for their edibles, tinctures and other cannabis-related products.

We often donate product to support cannabis projects such as CBD and genetic strain development. In return, many of our friends share some of the most new and exciting cannabis products with us.


Ganjly: How has Foliar Essence product helped your customers in terms of health and wellness?

Sylvia Campos: More and more people are becoming educated and aware of the fact that for all its inherent health and wellness benefits, Cannabis is commonly grown using chemicals that pose a threat to our general health. People want to know where their cannabis comes from, and want to know that it is ‘clean and pure’, for both medical and recreational use.

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Foliar Essence brings a transparency to growing and the highest standards with a focus on growing ‘organically’ although the term organic is not yet official for cannabis. There are however, biodynamic standards and clean green certifications that meet or exceed organic growing methods. We are proud to be part of this movement, and be part of the solution.

Our fans provide us testimonials letting us know how much Foliar Essence is appreciated for being chem-free and providing a healthy plant that becomes medicine for patients with cancer, and other serious conditions.


Ganjly: What is the most exciting thing about what you are doing?

Sylvia Campos: Being part of something bigger than ourselves, which is a movement to add something valuable to planet earth. Foliar Essence supports sustainable farming methods and we do everything possible to conserve our footprint while providing a solution that helps growers increase their yields and improve the health of their plants. It feels good to be part of this, and along the journey we’re meeting like minded individuals and getting lots of positive energy and good vibes.

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Ganjly: What makes Foliar Essence different from your competitor?

Sylvia Campos: There are many nutrient products out there, but only a handful of foliar sprays and even less that are 100% organic and vegan. In fact, our nearest competitor is priced 10x higher than Foliar Essence.

What also sets us apart is having an ultra concentrated solution (FE has a 1:1000 dilution rate) that provides a bigger value and cost savings when compared to our competition. A one liter bottle (33.8 oz.) will last a year, when applied to 1,000 square feet of plants with 4-5 growing cycles.

foliar essence

Thank you to Sylvia Campos of Foliar Essence for her time. For more information go to

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