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What We Love

  • Carefully Curated Content
  • Quality Products
  • Discreet
  • $97 for $200 worth of products

Reviewing the MBox from @JoinClubM

Although it has become comparatively easier to lay your hands on cannabis products, luxury cannabis stuff are still not readily available in stores and shops. Enter the MBox.

In such a situation, getting hold of a monthly service that would send you premium curated products right at your doorstep is certainly going to be welcomed by the cannabis community.


MBox from Club M is a monthly subscription service that sends a package filled with top quality cannabis products that are worth $200 in total.

The price for their monthly subscription is $97 and the MBox gets delivered to your door in a discreet box.

The MBox contains carefully curated cannabis merchandise by Club M. The fun thing is that each month has a different theme. In our case, we got the Swoon Box.


The MBox came in with this elegantly wrapped brown paper with a red waxed seal.

When we opened it, there was a letter telling us about the monthly theme which was called Swoon.

On the left side of the box was a menu, describing the contents of the box with their respective pricing.

If you add everything in the box, it would be a total of around $200. This is such a great deal! For $97 per month, you get a $200 value of premium curated cannabis products.

The black color MBox resembles a book which will fit perfectly in the gap in your bookshelf.

Unless you reveal it to somebody, the looks of the packet would never let anyone know what is inside it.

Once you open the package, you would find different types of cannabis merchandise carefully packed inside the MBox.

What was inside our Swoon MBox




True Humboldt HEF Aphrodite

This potent sativa hybrid provides a great balance of pain relief and mental stimulation equaling an aphrodisiac quality…hence the name. True Humboldt has done it again!

3.5 grams

23.2% THC/ .05 CBD


Therapy Tonics

Vanilla/ Caramel Cannabis Coffee

Therapy Tonics is known for their uniquely bold-flavored drinks of unparalleled quality! This functional beverage is perfect for a little pick me up when you need a little help getting through a long day. Has been called a miracle in a bottle by many a soccer mom. 😉

80mg THC


Double Dose

Gold Flaked Chocolate Heart

Double your pleasure with this tantalizing treat!

175mg THC


2WNTY3 Sativa Vape Pen

2WNTY3’s scientists and engineers adhere to a single one-word philosophy…PURITY. They’ve preserved the original embodiment of the strains true flavor while still achieving some of the highest potencies in the market. Uplifting and invigorating!

100% Natural.  No Additives

92.3% + thc



2WNTY3 Hybrid Vape Pen

2WNTY3’s oils have absolutely no unnatural additives of any kind- no artificial or engineered flavor enhancements, no viscosity buffers; just pure ultra-refined cannabis oil.

New users not having a particular preference, or those wanting a more balanced effect are definitely encouraged to try.

100% Natural.  No Additives

87.8%+ thc



2WNTY3  Battery

USB Charger, Clamshell case, 380mAh pen battery


Discreet Stash Box Volume 13 (Limited Edition)


Cannabis items which can be expected inside the monthly box include:

  • Cannabis oil
  • Cannabis shatter or wax
  • Vaporizers
  • Premium buds and flowers
  • Topical
  • Tasty edibles
  • Music CDs
  • Accessory items
  • Cost of the monthly subscription is just $97

Things you should know about Club M’s MBox

Club M is an exclusive club and it is currently available for patients in California.

Although the subscription of the MBox can be done easily by visiting the website of Club M, the delivery of the package will be done only on two conditions.

Now this is very important to note. These conditions are: that you should be a resident of California, and that you should have a medical marijuana recommendation from your doctor.

You have to meet these two conditions.

If you do not have a medical marijuana recommendation, there is a link in Club M’s site where you can get one online, plus a face-to-face meeting with the doctor.

What would be inside the box monthly would be a mystery and a surprise, as the products are curated according to the theme of the month.

If you find a product particularly useful, you can order that product by visiting the official website of Club M.

Our Final Thoughts

We love this luxury subscription box!

In this busy world that we live in, it is certainly very difficult to find the time to go through hundreds of online reviews before buying expensive premium cannabis items.

In such a situation, the MBox from Club M provides an assortment of the premium cannabis merchandise that has been selected by the curators of Club M.

It certainly makes a lot of sense to subscribe with Club M as you take out the hassle and get your hands on luxury cannabis products. Try it out. You won’t regret it.

For more information on MBox and other products of Club M, do visit https://www.joinclubm.com/

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