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  • Clean and Clear Concentrate
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  • CO2 Extraction
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Defined Concentrates Review

The Epiphany Vape kit is an amazing option for people who love to smoke medical marijuana, and improve their health. Epiphany cartridge for the Vape is also available for purchase. Aside from Epiphany, Heal and Big Sur is also available. In this review, we will be talking about Epiphany.

defined concentrates


Epiphany is a transparent concentrate boasting of amazing aroma and flavor. This is a concentrate with a defined and one of a kind profile of terpenes. Various independent scientific publications support terpenes as having possible advantages from the medical point of view.


There are quite a few advantages of terpenes:

  • Improving memory
  • Treating ulcers
  • Curing nausea
  • Improving appetite
  • Curing convulsions
  • Treating Atherosclerosis
  • Preventing cancer
  • Managing depression
  • Curing anxiety
  • Reducing inflammation
  • Relieving pain, working as an analgesic
  • Reversing neuro-degeneration, including Parkinson’s disease and Alzheimer’s disease

The products from Defined Concentrates are exclusively made out of CO2 extracted plants without any added carriers. Each lot is tested in the lab to ensure quality control. The brand is into the production of high quality products from CO2 extracts, which can bring about improvement in health in many ways. You should consult your doctor to know about the dosage of the product that you can take.

What You Should Know About It?

The concentrates are generated by various methods, which mainly include butane and other toxic solvents. Defined Concentrates exclusively uses supercritical extraction of CO2 for generating every product. CO2, in this method, is subjected to very high pressure where it transforms into a liquid that gets rid of all essential oils from plants. Once all the oils are extracted, the CO2 goes back into a gaseous state so that it can get recycled and does not cause harm to the natural world. This leads to a 100% natural product, which is friendly to the environment and does not contain any added chemicals.

The company offers superior concentrates quickly and at reasonable prices. It attempts to elicit benefits out of the entourage effect for making one-of-a-kind items with distinct terpene profiles designed to extract particular medical advantages, which are supported by scientific studies that are published independently.

Our Final Thoughts

Defined Concentrates complies fully with the MEDICAL MARIJUANA REGULATION AND SAFETY ACT OF CALIFORNIA. Other than creating products of its own, the company actively engages and encourages partnership with other prominent firms in the industry, which include edible manufacturers, for the production of high quality concentrates. DEFINED CONCENTRATES uses CO2 extraction exclusively for generating concentrates with tools from Apeks Supercritical, an industry-leading company.

We reviewed Epiphany and we experienced quality concentrates from this cartridge. The color is clear and you can see that there are no additives. We highly recommend trying Defined Concentrates.

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