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Prime Edibles Review: Vita Gummies

When it comes to premium edibles, Prime Edible is the most reliable name as the products from this company are 100% natural and does not contain any harmful additives or added sugars.

The products are handcrafted and the ingredients are determined from their founder who used to be a chef.


The Vita Gummies from Prime Edibles is a potent product which is found to have positive results on skin health and health of the joints.

Being rich in Vitamin C and antioxidants, these capsules in the shape of cute little teddy bears are ideal for those who are in need of healthy proteins due to medical reasons.


The Vita Gummies from Prime Edibles is available in two flavors – Citrus Bliss and Beary Berry.

The bottles have a simplistic look which gives you a fair idea about the simplicity of the ingredients as well.

The capsules that are inside the bottle are green and yellow colored when the flavor is Citrus bliss.

For the Beary Berry variant, the color of the capsules changes to pink and purple. They just came out with a third product which is the CBD Ginger Vita Gummies.


Packed with Vitamin C, organic local honey, and the antioxidant organic fruit juices, the Vita Gummies are grass-fed collagens that contain a huge amount of essential proteins.

The product tastes fine and natural as it does not contain any additive like high fructose corn syrup or similar things.

The potency and the consistency of the flavor are being tested in the laboratories which ensure a power-packed performance by these bear-shaped capsules upon consumption.


  • All natural product
  • Handcrafted product
  • Available in two different flavors
  • Citrus Bliss has a lime/live flavor
  • Citrus Bliss capsules have 5mg THC
  • Citrus Bliss bottle contains 30 capsules
  • Beary Berry capsules have 15mg THC
  • Beary Berry bottles contain 30 capsules
  • Beary Berry has a sweet berry flavor
  • For oral use
  • Contains Vitamin C
  • Grass-fed collagen with a high concentration of healthy proteins
  • Made from cannabis sativa

What you need to know about the product

Available in 2 dosing options, the Vita Gummies are lab tested products.

This means that the consistency of the potency and the flavor of the product will remain intact for an extended period of time.

The product is ideal for providing a feeling of general well-being along with special benefits to the skin and the joints.

Our Final Verdict

Not many edibles are found in the form of such cute and fancy looking edibles.

In addition to the great appearance, the great taste of the product also gives the Vita Gummies an upper hand over all other cannabis edibles.

It is not as sweet as regular gummies but it is important to note that they only use natural ingredients for their gummies.

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