House of Jane Review: Fast Acting and Long Lasting Gourmet Teas

House of Jane












What We Love

  • Fast Acting (15 minutes)
  • Lasting Effects (3 to 5 hours)
  • Pain Relief and Relaxation
  • CO2 extracted cannabis oil


  • The Sweet Tea needs some acquired taste and was our least favorite

@HouseOfJane Product Review

House of Jane is a non-profit company based in California, which offers high-quality beverages infused with cannabis.

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The brews from the brand are for customers and patients who want alternative ways to relax and medicate themselves.

The House of Jane comes with 3 new products, Sweet Tea, Tropical Passion Tea and Green Tea. The brews are available in Arizona, California and Nevada dispensaries.


House of Jane uses completely natural ingredients, such as a proprietary formulation of CO2 extracted cannabis, cane sugar, and fair-trade loose leaf tea, for the production of its premium quality beverages.

There are instructions on the bottle when it comes to dosing. Start your dose low. It will take effect within 15 minutes that lasts 3 to 5 hours.

Energizing Sweet Black Tea

This tea consists of cannabis oil, citric acid, pure cane sugar, whole black tea leaves and purified water.

The bottled tea consists of proprietary natural ingredients from House of Jane, which include CO2 extracted cannabis oil. No gluten or fat is present in the beverage.

Tropical Passion Tea

The beverage is comprised of cannabis oil, citric acid, whole black tea leaves and purified water. It is made with CO2 cannabis oil obtained from the freshest ground buds.

The THC in the tea is fast acting and long lasting. The tea refreshes, energizes or revives you.

You can get the combined effects of cannabis and caffeine, and the beverage is available in CBD and Sativa/Indica strains.

Reviving Green Tea

The beverage consists of purified water, cannabis oil, whole green tea leaves and citric acid. The tea is infused with cannabis.

Pure organic cane sugar is added to this 100% natural tea in order to lightly sweeten it.

Our Final Thoughts

Whether you need fast relief from pain or an extra boost to your energy levels, you will love the 3 gourmet teas from House of Jane.

It serves as a discreet therapy that you can have anytime and anywhere.

The bottling is safe and superior, ensuring that the beverage stays fresh and potent.

The packaging is very well done overall.

We love their gourmet teas and you should try it too! Our staff favorite is the Tropical Tea.

If you wish to have medical marijuana in a consistent and mouthwatering combination, and enjoy the effects throughout the day, you will love Jane’s Brew.

There is no after taste or smell of cannabis. It has been certified and lab tested for consistency and quality.

The effects start almost immediately after consumption and the effects are long lasting. Do not wait, go try today!

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According to their website, you should know your dose:

For the best results and experience, begin slowly with a small dose equal to 10 to 20mg.

Our current products are consistently rated at 20mg to 120mg THC as well as our proprietary HIGH CBD 20mg dose.

We recommend that you begin with a portion equal to an eighth or a quarter of a dose. Please be aware that everyone’s level of tolerance to cannabis is quite different.

Medical marijuana patients who have used cannabis for years may have built up a tolerance that allows them to ingest higher levels of cannabis (THC) than newer patients.

New patients should start with a small dose so that they can gauge their personal experience and then be able to comfortably dose any cannabis product.

Additionally, different cannabis products create slightly different effects- depending on the strain, its curing methods and the processing of its concentrate form.

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