Dreem Nutrition Review: Activate your Mind, Body and Life

dreem nutrition

Dreem Nutrition

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What We Love

  • Solvent Free and THC free
  • Greatly improved sleep
  • Long lasting transdermal patches
  • Improved overall well-being
  • Activates your body for peak performance


  • Slight stomach uneasiness with the Dreem Recovery syrup but it works well and won't give you the stomach upset if you mix it into your favorite drink

Reviewing the @dreemnutrition

There are four products in the Dreem Nutrition Starter Pack bundle.

One is the Dreem Vita B12 patch to provide for vitamin B12 equivalent to one shot through the pain-free patch. Next, you have the Dreem PCR soft gel capsule.

The hemp oil extract based water-soluble capsule contains phytocannabinoids and terpenes containing essential components to improve health.

Dreem CBD 125 mg drop is the next component in the package, which contains THC free Cannabidiol and hemp seed oil which contains Omega fatty acids, vitamins, and minerals.

The fourth component in the package is Dreem CBD Syrup containing non-psychoactive cannabinoids effective for treatment of many problems like anxiety, depression, epilepsy, nausea, cancers and autoimmune disorders etc.


The Dreem Vita B12 patch appears to be just like a leaflet like sachet which contains the patch inside.

The Dreem PCR soft gel capsules are contained inside a wide-mouthed capsule container plastic box looking like a normal tablet container.

The Dreem CBD drop comes in a blue colored bottle with a dropper cap of black rubber top.

The Dreem CBD Syrup comes in a small round shaped plastic syrup bottle with a white plastic cap.

Specifications and Information from Dreem Nutrition

We have reviewed the following products and according to their website, here are some more information that you need to know

  • Dreem Vita B12 patch containing vitamin B12 in transdermal patch form – waterproof, discreet, lasting effects up to 24 hours, no pills, no painful shots. Designed to target the absorption and bioavailability of B12. It is well known that a variety of circumstances can affect the health of the stomach and the levels of stomach acid. Healthy conditions in the stomach are required for B12 to be absorbed. The DREEM B12 Transdermal Patch bypasses the need for the stomach in order to achieve absorption into the bloodstream. Price is $16.99
  • Dreem PCR (Phytocannabinoid Rich) soft gel capsules, in water-soluble semi-solid form for providing essential nutrients. These Soft Gel Capsules are designed for improved absorption and bioavailability over other pills that utilize oral administration and delivery of “unprotected” cannabinoids. With 25mg of CBD and other phytocannabinoids and terpenes, DREEM PCR Gel Capsules offer a unique additive to your daily regimen. – Price is $84.99
  • Dreem CBD drops 125 mg in mint flavor FULL SPECTRUM -The term full spectrum includes all other Cannabinoids found in the source plant, such as BCP, CBN, and CBG. On top of that, hemp seed oil is a  great source of essential vitamins, minerals, Omega fatty acids, and terpenes. DREEM CBD Oil begins absorbing sublingually (under the tongue). Sublingual absorption often translates into more rapid absorption and onset of action than other delivery options. Alternatively, you can enhance your food and beverage by adding DREEM CBD Oil; offering even more versatility in ingestion. Price is $30.00
  • Dreem CBD Syrup PM Recovery Grape for helping the body fight and prevent diseases – contains melatonin and aids your body to sleep well and rejuvenate. DREEM CBD Syrups offer an innovative delivery of Cannabidiol (CBD) into your daily regimen. Phytocannabinoids, such as CBD, have gained notoriety for their ability to bind to the receptors that our body has for its own endocannabinoids, and, to create a variety of results. CBD is a non-psychoactive cannabinoid. There have been hundreds of research articles based on clinical studies of CBD. It has been studied and observed to have favorable results with regards to Inflammatory Pain (including arthritis), Anxiety/depression, Cancer, Nausea, Epilepsy, Autoimmune disorders, and much more. Priced at $28.00
  • Dreem CBD Syrup HD Grape 200mg – designed to be added to your drink of choice and can be taken any time of the day. It’s intended to introduce your body to CBD on a daily basis. Retails at $55.00
  • Dreem CBD Transdermal Patch – CBD products use 99.9% pure, hemp derived, CBD isolate. Clinically tested and proven to work with bioavailability for up to 12-24 hours of sustained release depending on patch (CBD or Vitamin). Retails at $14.99


The most important thing you must know about the products is that they are all made following safety guidelines, and are legal in 50 US states.

They have partnered with a manufacturer that only does organic farming. Their products have been thoroughly tested. They are all THC free too.

Our Final Thoughts

It is clear from the beginning of our testing that Dreem Nutrition made superior quality products. There were two reviewers from Ganjly who tested it, a male and a female.

Our experience was that in the two weeks we tested the products, our overall well-being improved. We got more energy. We slept better. And because of that, we were happier.

One thing to note was that the female who tested the Recovery Syrup had a slight stomach upset but the male was perfectly fine.

In our opinion, the syrups are best paired with your drink rather than a standalone. Dreem Nutrition recommends this as well.

For the Recovery Syrup, we found it suitable to take one hour before bedtime.

For the reviewers who had sleep problems (wakes up every day around 2 am and has a hard time going back to sleep), they slept a total of 8 hours without waking up and for them that was refreshing!

We highly recommend all the products of Dreem Nutrition.

For more information on this, you may want to visit www.dreemnutrition.com

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