Autumn Leaf Review: Fixx Bars and Caramels as Must-Have Goodies

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Autumn Leaf

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What We Love

  • Extremely delicious
  • Accurately dosed in each piece
  • No "weed" taste
  • Quality ingredients


  • Packaging for the caramel needs to be improved

Wondering which cannabis goodies @autumnleaf707 you should get from a dispensary? Turns out, it is easier to select, thanks to Autumn Leaf.

Company Overview 

Autumn Leaf creates small batches of cannabis-infused goodies using the best ingredients, including its much-vaunted cannabutter that removes that so-called “weed” taste in its products.

These goodies taste like normal bars and caramels you can find in any shop, but with that good old-fashioned kick.

What are the benefits of taking cannabis-infused goodies?

First, it gives you the freedom and privacy to consume these goodies discreetly and at your own sweet time. No one will be bothered when you consume the company’s goodies, letting you take them any time you want.

Second, the goodies mean no smoke odors. No one will notice you are eating cannabis-infused goodies because there are no odors to speak of.

Third, these products would not give you any coughing spells. These products also provide you with pain relief for long periods of time.

Fixx Bars
Regular Price: $25.00
Discount Price: $21.25

Autumn Leaf’s version of Twix Bar offers two cookies in a package. Each cookie bar contains THC of 50-mg dose. Its ingredients include flour, cannabutter, white sugar, semi-sweet cocoa, marshmallows, evaporated milk, walnuts, and pure vanilla extract.

Practical and versatile, Autumn Leaf’s Fixx Bars offer numerous advantages.

For one it is shelf-stable. It also freezes well and it is flexible enough that you can use it for a number of recipes. The bars are amazing and tasty.

When infused with the magical powers of cannabis, cocoa offers antioxidants, making it a medicinal superfood. It is no wonder chocolate are traditionally regarded to enhance loving, happy feelings people usually associate with romance.

Regular Price at $30.00
Discounted Price: $25.50



This bestseller contains THC 30-mg dose each individual caramel. Each package has six caramels.

Like the Fixx Bars, cannabutter is, of course, an ingredient of this amazing product. It also has brown sugar, light corn syrup, white sugar, heavy whipping cream, evaporated milk, pure butterscotch extract as well as pure vanilla extract. The milk is gluten-free.

What is best about these caramels is they taste really great and easily concealable.



In case you do not know, cannabutter is the main ingredient used in countless cannabis-infused edibles or recipes. Simply put, butter from your ordinary recipes is replaced with cannabutter, offering a delicious kick in your edibles.

It efficiently harnesses the power of THC as well as other cannabinoids.

Autumn Leaf takes out the unnecessary ingredients out of your butter, resulting in better taste as well as small compared with other cannabis-infused recipes.

But Autumn Leaf’s special recipe assures the potency is still the same, if not even greater.

If you have a sweet tooth and craving for cannabis-infused goodies, then Autumn Leaf’s products are certainly the best for you.

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