Edibles vs Concentrates – Which is Good for What?


As people are becoming increasingly familiar with the consumption of marijuana – for both recreational and medicinal use – we are seeing that people are considering different methods of consumption as well. Not everyone who wants to consume marijuana and benefit from its qualities want to smoke it in a cigarette form, and this is why we are seeing a rise in both the number of people consuming through edibles and concentrates, and an increase in the options that are available to them.

So we know that edibles and concentrates are viable options for people looking to consume marijuana, but what are the differences in the experience and what consumption method is good for what strains?

What are Edibles and Concentrates?

Edibles and concentrates are two consumption methods that don’t necessarily include smoking, making them a good option for children or people who don’t want to smoke.

Some people like to consume their marijuana through eating it – edibles. In most cases, the cannabis is put into cakes or biscuits which are then eaten. It is possible to buy these products already made, or to make them yourself. Edibles also include drinks. Whilst this is an enjoyable way to consume marijuana, the main downside is that you have little control over the dosage of the cannabis that you are eating. It also takes a while to come into effect – 30 to 90 minutes.

The concentrates method usually involves a small amount of concentrate which is either inhaled through a vaporizer, consumed in drops applied under the tongue or other consumption of a concentrate oil. This method gives you a lot more control of the dosage that you are taking and comes into effect much quicker (usually within about 15 minutes).


Concentrates consumption methods include:

  • Tincture drops under the tongue
  • “Dabbing” whereby a small amount of concentrate is dropped onto a hot surface where it vaporises and the vapour is inhaled
  • “Crumbleable” cannabis which can be added to a joint or smoked through a pipe

It can be difficult to recommend dosages and strains as everyone is different and have different tolerance levels, but as a general rule, you should start slowly if it’s your first time, and gradually increase the dosage as you feel necessary.

Different marijuana strains also have different effects and different levels of THC, meaning that the dosages that you require are different and different strains lend themselves better (or worse) to different consumption methods.


Different strains of marijuana have different effects on the body. In general, there are three different effects that marijuana can cause:

  • Sativa – Good for daytime use, enhances creativity, gives you focus, energy and is a great anti-depressant
  • Indica – Good for night time use, relaxing, sleep inducing, pain relief, appetite inducing, anti-stress
  • Hybrid – A mixture of the two


Research shows, however, that when edibles are made, a lot of these specific properties are lost through the processing of the edible. There are, however certain methods which are better at preserving certain attributes.

Different chemicals within the food, as well as the heating process can change the effects of the marijuana within edibles and it is really down to the individual to find which edibles suit them best, and in what dosage.


Concentrates come in a number of different forms, but they are all more potent than smoking, for example. It is therefore very important to start with a small dosage and then increase it. This is easily done as the effect comes into place quickly – within a few minutes.

When a concentrate is made, certain aspects are taken out of the “pure marijuana”, meaning that the effects of it won’t necessarily be what you expect, especially if you are used to smoking the flower.

The specific marijuana strains become clearer in concentrates, and some of the most common include:

  • Kandy Kush
  • Strawberry Lemonade
  • Durban Poison
  • Kosher Tangie
  • Lemon Walker

Whilst there are many different marijuana consumption methods, there are even more strains of marijuana. And each one has their own characteristics, strengths and give the user different effects. And whilst there are still variables within a particular strain, people do tend to steer towards one strain or another as their preferred.

Whether you are wanting to consume your weed through edibles or concentrates is really up to your own preferences, but there are really no particular strains which always will lend themselves better to edibles, or to concentrates. The best way is when you know the misconceptions about medical marijuana and just give it a go, and decide what you like best. Remember to start with a low dosage and increase it so that you can really enjoy your experience.

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