Bongin Review: Elegant Glass Cursed Diamond Bong


Bongin Glass Cursed Diamond Bong




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What We Love

  • Made from high quality grade materials
  • Very easy to use and clean
  • Beautiful well-made handcrafted design
  • Uses Pyrex which is health safe and heat resistant
  • It has an ice holder and a built in stem


Founded in 2005, @BonginGlass is a small company in the Czech Republic that is popular all over for keeping the traditional practice of Bohemian hand blowing art.

Bongin prices are very affordable, giving a new source of livelihood for local glassblowers who create high-quality handmade, original products.

The company is known for its hand-blown fine, glass bongs of the highest quality.



Glass Bong Cursed Diamond


Elegant and beautiful, Glass Bong Cursed Diamond is a glass bong that is made of durable Pyrex glass.

Of special importance is the built-in stem that best works with a deep glass on the glass bowl.



Carb hole: no
Color changing effect: no
Height: 340 mm; 13.4 inch
Ice holder: yes
Joint Size: 14.5 mm; 0.57 inch
Joint Type: glass on glass
Material: Pyrex
Weight: 350 g; 12.3 oz oz

Glass Bong Cursed Diamond is made of highest-quality materials, including heat-resistant borosilicate glass that is light and at the same time hard.

It is also 100 percent health-safe.

The product has original designs unparalleled in the market and hand-made originally.

Thanks to the company’s skilled and experienced glass blowers, the bong can be considered a true glass art.


Our Final Thoughts

Glass Bong Cursed Diamond is a truly a different kind of artistic masterpiece.

After all, Bongin is known for producing high-end, customized, and handmade glass bongs and bubblers.

This wonderful piece of glass is very easy to use and clean. The design is amazing!

The company has been renowned for years for its hand-blown water bongs as well as glass pipes designed to give you the best smoking pleasure.

Every piece is assured by the company as an original, thanks to its team of glass workers.

It is not surprising given that the company has been operating for more than a decade already, serving thousands of well-pleased enthusiasts living in various parts of the world.

The company’s smoking products are all using Pyrex—which is completely health-safe and heat-resistant light and hard borosilicate glass.

It also uses silver and gold fuming, making some of the company’s famous products known for having a strong and durable color changing glass effect.

As a manufacturer selling its own products, it can also make modifications to the products that you order.

These include adding or removing the carb hole or if you want to change the bong color or the size.

These adjustments come free of charge.

All you need to do is get in touch with them and share your ideas which they can incorporate into the product they are getting.

If you are the type that you want to hold parties with your loved ones or friends, you may want to check the company’s smoking sets that are offered at cool prices.

You can also buy other smoking accessories, including lighters, pipe screens, grinders, tobacco jars, pipe cleaners, or diffuser beads.

This is definitely a must-have for the smoking connoisseurs.

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