Bhang Review: Living the Cannabis Life with a Bang


Bhang Indica Black Private Reserve Oil Cartridge












What We Love

  • Premium Quality Vape Oil
  • One cartridge gives you a draw of 150-200 puffs
  • All products are independently lab tested
  • Great smell and taste, smoke is voluminous
  • The Indica, relaxes you and is great for insomnia

Bhang @bhangchocolate products have won awards in various cannabis awards in and outside the country, such as the Jack Herer Cup in Las Vegas, Chalice Cup and Cannabud Cup in California, HempCon in Los Angeles, and High Times World Cup in Jamaica.

Bhang Overview

Bhang harnesses the best benefits of cannabis in its products.

Bhang products are available in many states across the United States such as California, New Mexico, Arizona, Washington, Michigan, New York, and Nevada.

A number of states are also ready to offer @BhangChocolate products such as Illinois, Florida, Colorado, and Puerto Rico.

Bhang products can also be found in countries such as Uruguay, Spain, Holland, and Jamaica.



Black Private Reserve Cannabis Oil
CO2 Extracted

The oil offers clear 70-95% THC oil, with excess compounds and impurities removed using a unique extraction, distillation and purification method that blends cannabinoids and boosts potency.

Bhang Private Reserve is considered the gold standard when it comes to purity and potency, and a far superior experience that most discerning patients would crave for.


Available Size: 100 Mg/4 Pack

Consider this the future of gum. This chewable, zero-calorie gum offers CBD-rich hemp oil that is infused with lemongrass and mango extracts to give patients an amazing medicating experience.

Discrete, small, and orally consumable, this CBD gum comes sweetened with xylitol and stevia. For quick, single-use, the gum comes in an easy-to-use blister pack.

The product is the latest, best enhancement to the industry of gum for many years. This absolutely tasty gum will definitely freshen the breath while offering medical benefits, including lessened chronic pain as well as inflammation.


Fresh Mint Spray
Available Sizes: 150 mg/350 mg

A multi-awarded product, Bhang’s Fresh Mint Spray is a refreshing, mild mouth spray that is created using top-grade, CBD-rich hemp oil, stevia, and natural peppermint oils.

Convenient and discrete, Bhang CBD Fresh Mint Spray can be used alone or if you want, can be used in combination with the company’s THC Crisp Mint Spray for a unique kind of patient experience.


Push Button Battery Kit

380 mAh: Variable Voltage: The batteries of the product come with a USB charger that is specially-designed
1-hour charge time for optimal use

When paired with the dual-heating coil cartridges offered by the company, Bhang’s push-button battery establishes the standard for the best vaping experiences.

The product’s adjustable settings available on the push-button battery allow users to make a unique, custom vaping experience on-demand. A battery of the product comes with a reliable USB charger and a hardy case that houses not only the battery but also the charger as well as a cartridge.


Our Final Thoughts

A leading company in the cannabis industry, Bhang is a trailblazer that offers numerous health benefits and harnesses the best benefits of cannabis.

They are a pointer in the cannabis space. Their packaging is professional in the sense that the nutritional information is on the package.

Aside from that, they are the first and the only company to have a QR code on their vape cartridges. This means a consumer can scan the code to get results of the testing done in the SC Labs.

They are the only company in California that has a standard operating procedure. They do not cut any corners, they have a chain of custody, 12-step procedure and pharmaceutical grade testing. Their CBD product line is amazing!


Now let’s concentrate on their vape cartridge. We were able to test their Indica Vape Cartridge from their Black Private Reserve Oil Product Line. The oil is custom blended.

We noticed right away that this is a premium product. The quality and content are potent. We used the Indica at night to help us with insomnia and it worked! 8 hours of sleep without waking up.

The smoke is voluminous and the terpene is the true flavor of the flower. The oil is pure and it is most important when looking for a cannabis vape. Their coil with the battery kit doesn’t burn the oil.

Now, we did 5-6 long puffs in a 2-minute short interval to get us relaxed and sleepy. We must warn, however, that it will be different effects if you do more.

So don’t overdo it! I should say that for one cartridge, I was able to do 150-200 puffs. It lasts long and is great value for your money.

For those of you who want are into vaping, Bhang is definitely your first choice. They really are the leader in the cannabis vape industry.

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