Deviant Dabs Review: Complete Holistic Healing

deviant dabs

Deviant Dabs

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What We Love

  • Uses BHO Extraction Method resulting in no detectable solvents
  • Great value for your money
  • Well packaged, sleek, compact, safe and discreet
  • This is the good stuff people! Really quality stuff
  • Very clean products and very potent


Established in 2013, @DeviantDabs focuses on uncompromised quality. The company’s vision reflects the ideal world people should be in, including access to healthy goods grown sustainably.

A cannabis extract company, Deviant Dabs is committed to producing pesticide-free, locally-sourced, and organically-grown wax, shatter, and rosin.

Founded Mendocino County, Deviant Dabs hopes to further reduce the cannabis gender gap with the production of pure and organic concentrates for all consumers, but with female enthusiasts in mind.

The company thinks highly of its consumers, making sure the source of their medicines is pure and they are produced sustainably and organically.

For the company, the medicines consumers have should be able to give you the best in lift through its pristine and potent characteristics.

Deviant Dabs knows very well that responsible cannabis use has been very much part of a five-millennia-old tradition of holistic healing.

At present, cannabis is assuming its rightful position in a vast and expanding system of natural healing.

As more and more discerning people all over the world are selecting cannabis to improve their health and well-being, the company offers only the top products in the market.

Deviant Dabs provide artisanal concentrates that are considered among the highest quality in the market. They have three products:




Oil that is thick, dark and opaque, varying in consistency depending on the base product as well as the extraction process.

Waxes are generally soft, ranging from “budders” (with syrup-like consistency) to soft “crumbles” as well as “honeycomb.”

For our review, we used a vaporizer and not a dab rig.


wax shatter



A glassy and hard amber concentrate that can appear to be translucent or transparent.

Based on the terpenes produced from the original plants and the process, Shatter can appear to be more brittle or more viscous.

With its pure amber glass appearance, Shatter is considered by some as having the cleanest kind of extract.

But quality would, of course, depend on the consistency as well as the texture of oil.





Made using only pressure and heat to produce a fragrant, solventless, and potent resinous sap.


Our Final Thoughts

Deviant Dabs is considered one of the top concentrate brands existing at the moment, championing some of the best products in the industry, which is also supported by a strong and dynamic social media presence.

The products of this company are made in small batches using high-grade organic cannabis that is cultivated by multi-generational expert workers in the craft.

Deviant Dabs are cultivated using top-of-the-line new technologies that produce potent, clean, as well as aesthetically pleasing products.

Deviant Dabs provide a unique, healthful high while at the same time giving you the healing properties that are innate in the ancient and magical cannabis plant.

The Packaging is nothing we have ever seen before.

It looks like a shell or for the ladies, a compact powder case. It looks sexy, elegant and discreet.

There is a silicone insert in the lining of the case and it prevents sticking.

It also makes it easier to scoop out with your dab nail or tool. The overall design of the packaging is very attractive.

We love the scent of Deviant Dab’s products. The wax is pretty strong and we like smelling it!

The high is pretty awesome and no couch lock. Pretty much my body stayed relaxed.

For the beginners, dabbing is pretty advance and so only a little amount of wax, shatter or rosin should be used.

When I say little, I mean like a dime size or even smaller than that.

Start low is what I always say. The rosin tastes sweet, the flavor is like lime. The quality of their products is amazing.

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