Colorado Hemp Honey Review: Healing CBD Honey Infusions

colorado hemp honey

Colorado Hemp Honey

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What We Love

  • Delicious and Nutritious
  • Good amount of CBD in each product
  • Gives you a relaxing effect
  • Quality ingredients used
  • Organic raw honey

Colorado Hemp Honey @COHempHoney harnesses the healing benefits of raw honey, organically-grown essential oils, and rich cannabinoids. These wellness products are tested for quality and purity. Colorado Hemp Honey are delicious healing CBD honey infusions.

The company, Frangiosa Farms was established nine years ago with the aim of tapping local artisan honey with the use of organic practices.

Frangiosa Farms create natural healing infusions with the use of natural foods such as pure, raw honey and cannabinoids.

All products have the following features:

– 100% Pure, Raw Honey
– Beneficial Hemp Extracts (plant-based and non-isolate)
– Cannabinoid Rich, Phytonutrients, Terpenes
– CO2 Extraction for Purity
– Superior “Entourage Effect”
– Triple Tested for purity as well as potency
– Helping to save bees and veterans



Ginger Snap

Dosage Recommendations:

– A 12-oz jar has 1000 mg of cannabinoid-rich, full-spectrum hemp extracts
– 12oz (340ml) container: ~70 doses per jar at 5 ml per dose (approx. 1 teaspoon)
– Begin with one dose, which contains 15 mg whole extract. Wait for about 45 minutes before you consume another dose to evaluate how your body system metabolized the cannabinoids
– Consult your doctor for exact dosage


This product taps the natural restorative features of super-foods raw honey and industrial hemp, producing a super-food of the best quality.

Colorado Hemp Honey Sticks would also prove to be a big hit among enthusiasts.

For these sticks, the dosage recommendations are as follows:

Dosage Recommendations:

– Every 10 pack has 150 mg of full-spectrum hemp extracts
– Start with one stick or dose and then wait for 45 minutes before you get another stick to evaluate how your body system metabolized the product’s honey and cannabinoids
– Consult your doctor for exact dosage


Chill Sticks – “Natural” (10 Pack)

This company harnesses the natural mending features of super-foods honey and Industrial Hemp.

Hemp Extracts have non-psychoactive healthy properties.

Its raw honey provides antioxidants as well as anti-inflammation qualities.



Chill Sticks ‘Mandarin Magic’ (10 Pack)

Mandarin orange oil grown organically enhances your body’s antioxidants, boosting anti-inflammation qualities and even reduce blood sugars.

These blends allow for healing synergies that maximizes the benefits of each ingredient.


Chill Sticks ‘Lemon Aid’ (10 pack)

Organic lemon oil produces a slightly tart, cool, and fresh lemon essence, sharpening your mind.

This is an ideal product you can use for your various activities, such as travel or even after a gym workout.


Chill Sticks “Ginger Snap” (10 Pack)

Ginger essential oil sharpens the mind, helps with the digestion process, addresses muscle inflammation, among other benefits.


Our Final Thoughts

Triple tested for potency and purity, these products are rich in healthy chemicals and phytonutrients such as Omega 3 and Omega 6. When you buy such products, you also help the local honey industry.

Pure and raw honey make sure enthusiasts would all get the healing properties from the hive.

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