5 Unconventional Advice For Growing Your Own Weed

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Growing your own cannabis can be understood as the holy grail of almost any respectable pothead, but the realities of this harsh life often stand in the way of this dream. Below are 5 unconventional advice for growing your own weed.

Most of us have to rely on others to fulfill our requirements for this heavenly plant. But fortunately, some of us can be luckier than the majority, and they can actually nourish the plant from scratch, shower it with affection and witness its growth and its transformation into a highly smokeable work of art.

The internet is of course filled with all kinds of websites, tutorials and how-to’s that can truly help any individual who is wishing to begin this difficult, but very liberating and rewarding journey. However, pretty much as with everything, a person should gain their knowledge from many different sources in order to view the broader picture and compare all these tips and advice.

I didn’t want to focus too much on the conventional and mundane advice for growing marijuana by yourself (because as said, there is just way too literature that can be found online discussing this topic). So instead I wanted to go a little off hand, and center my attention on some perhaps less important information, but still quite crucial for the complete process.

You should consider this article as an additional resource for advancing your growing technique, meaning you should carefully inspect the more basic how-to guides, and then refer yourself to this one.

So to get the long introduction short, here are the five unorthodox tips for cannabis cultivation.

1.   Make Sure Each Cola Gets Great Airflow

This particular advice is essential especially for indoor growing, which will most likely is going to be the scenario if you’re growing your own buds.

Besides a lot of light, an adequate amount of air is quite indispensable if you want your buds to be as thick and juicy as possible.

Pot is wind pollinated in the wilderness, and you should also take notes from mother nature and give your plant breeze exposure from the very start.

Perhaps this doesn’t seem very important at first, but any successful cultivator will tell you that both proper ventilation of the room and constant airflow will be the two outstanding allies in your quest for the perfect bud.

2.  Humidity Tricks

Even though a lot of people tend to disregard humidity as an unimportant part of the growing process, the truth is actually the complete opposite.

There are only two things that you need to pay attention to, which in result will give your buds a much healthier and nicer growth.

While your plant is in the vegetative stage you should have higher humidity levels (over 40%), and if you don’t follow this, it will look like your plant has a nutrient deficiency or problems with heat or light. Keeping your plant humid in this phase will keep the salt levels in check, and allow it to properly grow and mature.

During the flowering stage, on the other hand, much less humidity is required, and this will kickstart the trichome levels.

Keep it below 40%, and you’ll notice a larger amount of crystallized trichomes on your plant’s buds.

Keep this in mind if you reside in an area that has a very dry or humid climate, and for the best results, lower the humidity of your plant on the last two or three weeks of flowering to about 25%.

3. Play Your Pot Some Music

It’s been proven time and time again that music can have some amazing effects on the plant growth. As it turns out, they don’t really care what genre it is, but for most classic and heavy metal offered the best results.

The good thing is if you’re not into these types of music you can play pretty much whatever you want, and it will have a positive result in the end.

This is kind of a little-known fact, but it certainly does wonders and it’s pretty amazing that it actually works, so please do try it out and see for yourself.

4. Curing The Dried Buds

One of the most crucial parts of growing actually happens after it’s finished, but is as equally important.

Curing can be explained as the process of preserving your buds for later use. Without it, your buds will become moldy much faster. But, with the proper curing, they can last for years without going bad or losing their potency.

This technique also amplifies the overall flavor of your weed. So, if you’re growing some really exquisite strain, the subtle notes in the flavor will become apparent only after a proper curing process.

5. Love Your Weed

The last but definitely not the least and it’s as equally important as all the advice above… If you’re looking to grow just for profit than this isn’t really an advice for you. However, if you’re going to smoke/vape the herb you nurtured from the ground up, you should really care about it.

This cannot be easily measured, but growing your own does take a lot of time and effort, and the best way to successfully keep track of everything needed is to truly love what you’re doing.

Take your time to read everything you need to know (just like this article, but much more), be patient and love your weed, and it will absolutely pay off. Plants, just as any other living creature, can sense positive energy, actually in a much larger sense than us humans.

Hope you found all this stuff useful, and if you have any questions or ideas, please do let us know below. Peace.

Guest Author bio:

Helena Miles is the content manager at Greencamp and has been writing and researching about health benefits of marijuana for several years. In her spare time, she is taking dance classes and reading as much as possible.