This week, we are thankful to have interviewed Arnaud Dumas de Rauly, Chief Strategy Officer of @TheBlincGroup. Arnaud gives awesome tips when buying cannabis vapes and cannabis cartridges.


Arnaud answers the following questions:

1. What is your background? And what is your relationship with cannabis?

2. Let’s talk about buying vape cartridges, what should one look out for in buying vape cartridges?

3. How do you know the quality of the oil is superior?

4. Now the Blinc Group is a business incubator for the cannabis industry, can you tell us more about that?

5. You just announced a partnership with ALD Group Limited and Joinking US Group, Inc., can you tell us more about that and what exciting things can we expect?

6. If our viewers have more questions, how could they get a hold of you?


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Who is The Blinc Group?

The Blinc Group is a first of its kind adoption and distribution-centric incubator led by a connected group of top vapor and cannabis industry experts.

We create a fostering environment for the launch and expansion of vapor and cannabis products.


Our mission is to build quality brands and products that innovate the face of retailers, dispensaries, head shops, and vape shops across the globe.

We are invested in informing and improving public health through driving innovation and fostering rewarding consumer experiences.


We deliver full cycle support to start-ups and entrepreneurs through tailored branding, marketing, sales and engagement programs rooted in data and proprietary research.

We leverage our collective expertise and network to position member companies as thought leaders in their respective industry segment and develop a foundation for scaling through the largest distribution channels in the American, European, and Asian markets.


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