Meet Tom Wilson: Former Ordained Minister and his Relationship with Cannabis Now

Coming From my Former Religious Background As A Fundamentalist Conservative Evangelical Christian and Ordained Minister I Was Probably One of the Biggest Uninformed Haters!

Thank you so much for sharing your story Tom, @Reverend_Kush!

For the past 12+ months I have been using a herb that has been used in herbal medicine for hundreds of years. Before trying this medicinal plant I researched it for months.

I have several health conditions that this one plant has treated since day one. Before, I started this medicine I was taking numerous prescription drugs some of which I’ve been able to stop altogether and some to I’ve been able to decrease all with my doctors blessing.

For me this traditional herbal medicine has successfully treated asthma, because it opens airways. I used to have to use my albuterol emergency inhaler on average 1 per week year round for at least 20 years. 

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I have only needed it 3 times in 12+ months. For the previous couple years I woke up almost nightly with horrible leg cramps, something very common for men in their 50’s and older, I haven’t had a single leg cramp in 12+ months.

I have permanent nerve damage in my right hand and arm and live with pain nearly 24 hours a day and it got worse at night often waking me up.

I also have sleep apnea and still use my cpap machine to get a decent night’s sleep. I also had to take sleeping pills which were becoming less effective.

I no longer take sleeping pills at night and the pain hasn’t woken me and kept me at wake for 12 months. As a result I have slept well every night for 12+ months.    

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For years I have also suffered from stress related anxiety resulting panic attacks and depression. Since I was young my family described me as high strung as well as my coworkers.

Now both my coworkers and family talk about how much more “chill” I am. I can’t say I’m cured, but I’m more often than I can ever remember being calm and be able to see things more often objectively.

If you all haven’t guessed yet I’m referring cannabis, marijuana, “weed”, “ganja,” “pot,” “Mary Jane,” 

I tried marijuana in my youth (teens and once in my early 20’s). I’m now 55 and I didn’t like cannabis because I became paranoid and felt out of control. 

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As a result it took me a long time to even consider the possibility of using it. When I finally began researching it and found CBD.

Some of my own medical needs respond well to strains with small to moderate amounts of THC and I do become slightly high without the paranoia I experienced years ago. I haven’t felt paranoid once in 12+ for its use.

For some like me the high is like a fringe benefit and I only use my “medicine” at night shortly before going to bed.

I never drive or do anything potentially dangerous when I’ve taken my medicine, but that was also true when I was taking sleeping pills or when I have had to take pain pills anyway! 

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It’s also true when I drink the occasional beer, wine, or spirit.

The reason for my sharing this now is I know some folks I dearly love and respect do not approve of marijuana or anything related to it.

Also because I am now a Independent Distributor working with my son-in-laws company that grows, processes, and manufactures, and distributes legal cannabis and hemp and various edible, topical, smokeable, products from from both plants.

I hope but do not demand that after reading this you will reconsider any negative thoughts toward cannabis and hemp and those who use it.

I also hope that if you like me have medical or mental health conditions that cannabis and/or hemp can effectively treat that you too will discover that both are medicinal gifts from God not the demon weeds they have falsely been made out to be by both the uniformed and purposeful deceivers.

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Tom Wilson  

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