The Blinc Group’s Inaugural Cruise: Business Incubator Launches with VIP Party on a Fabulous Yacht

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New York: Starting at the tip of the South Street Seaport and venturing along the coast of New York City, The Blinc Group’s Inaugural cruise made for a fun and informative night last Oct. 18. With the beautiful views of the Freedom Tower in lower Manhattan, to the Statue of Liberty and the mesmerizing view of the New York City skyline, the atmosphere could not have been more perfectly set for a budding company.

Arnaud Dumas de Rauly, Chief Strategy Officer of The Blinc Group and Sasha Aksenov, CEO of The Blinc Group were spectacular hosts that allowed for the right mix of information, fun and space to get to know those in the vaping industry. From the moment we boarded, to taking a picture to his  presentation on ENOVAP, I could feel the energy and excitement that Arnaud has for the vaping industry.

The Blinc Group, the first business incubator for the vaping and the cannabis technology industry was joined by the investors, influencers and entrepreneurs for their official inaugural party. Ganjly as a member of the media was partying as well. Eight members already joined the Blinc Group before their launching. This business incubator are helping out brands from start to finish including distribution channels for their products.

The Ganjly Gang with Arnaud Dumas de Rauly, Chief Strategy Officer of The Blinc Group

As a long time cigarette smoker I can personally attest to the difficulties of moving from traditional tobacco products to vaping. The Blinc Group educates as well as help drive change the mindset towards the vaping and cannabis market. Watch Arnaud’s interview on Ganjly with Clarisa, our Founder and meet with him in person. You could tell that Arnaud understood not only vaping but the pitfalls that a person just starting to vape will come across.

During the inauguration, we learned about how The Blinc Group is working with the United States government on behalf of vaping and marijuana to show the benefits of each. He also gave a hint that they were working on being able to utilize the blockchain in this space.

I look forward to trying out the different vaporizers, from the Slim Pen to the Weeplus Palm to the Floral Scent models, as well as the cool James Bondesque multi-screwdriver that looks like a thick pen from Alphaliquid.

With so much to take in, from the New York scenery to The Blinc Group’s plans for the future, I look forward to following their progression as a company and an incubator. I think we can expect great things in the future.


About The Blinc Group
The Blinc Group is a first of its kind adoption and distribution-centric incubator led by a connected group of top vapor and cannabis industry experts. We create a fostering environment for the launch, expansion and funding of vapor and cannabis products.

Our mission is to build quality brands and products that innovate the face of retailers, dispensaries, head shops, and vape shops across the globe. We are invested in informing and improving public health through driving innovation and fostering rewarding consumer experiences.

We deliver full cycle support to start-ups and entrepreneurs through tailored branding, marketing, sales and engagement programs rooted in data and proprietary research. We leverage our collective expertise and network to position member companies as thought leaders in their respective industry segment and develop a foundation for scaling through the largest distribution channels in the American, European, and Asian markets.

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The Blinc Group
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