THC Legal Group Interview: Growing and Protecting your Cannabis Business

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THC Legal Group, @thc_group is your trusted legal representation for your cannabis business. As a subsidiary of Howard M. Cohn and Associates, their legal group is is comprised of attorneys that have over 30 years of experience. Ganjly sat down with one of their founders Howard Cohn and got some awesome insights on the cannabis industry.


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Ganjly: What were your reasons for going from the mainstream industry to the cannabis industry and when did you make the shift?

Howard Cohn: I have been a Patent and Trademark Attorney for over thirty years.  About 3 years ago, our law firm started to receive a tremendous amount of interest and indeed new cases from entrepreneurs entering the Cannabis Space.  I then decided to launch a specialty wing of our larger law firm devoted to Cannabis and THC Legal Group was formed.


Ganjly: What was the biggest obstacle you encountered in the cannabis industry?

Howard Cohn: This may seem strange and archaic but undoubtedly, there are many people in my social circle (and of my age group) who still do not approve of cannabis.  While it would be a stretch to say that these individuals actively disapprove of my work in the cannabis space, I can still sense that the stigma has not been entirely removed.


Ganjly: How many people are employed in your firm?

Howard Cohn: Almost all cannabis companies begin their correspondence with us with the same basic dilemma. These companies have great ideas and a general sense of what they would like to achieve but no clear understanding of how to start. I take great pride in setting up these companies correctly from the get go and working out (often times) complex operating agreements that delineate the managerial and financial structures required to facilitate success.


Ganjly: What were the common issues that the cannabis companies ask you?

Howard Cohn: Entrepreneurs and Startups just getting into the cannabis space should be aware of the risk involved – cannabis is still of course federally illegal and because of this illegality, investors and real estate holders may demand greater incentives than would otherwise be reasonable for non-cannabis related businesses.


Ganjly: What is your advice for somebody who just started in the cannabis industry or someone who wants to go into the cannabis industry?

Howard Cohn: The most important piece of advice I could give to a Cannabis entrepreneur is to choose your co-founder wisely.  Not all great friends make great business partners and I cannot stress enough the need to surround yourself with competent and reliable people.


Ganjly: How can they reach you?

Howard Cohn: We love speaking with new marijuana entrepreneurs. Please feel free to visit our website for more information and email us directly at

THC Legal Group is a premiere cannabis law firm for startups and established businesses. Their goal is to counsel, advise, and protect businesses working in the cannabis industry.


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