OG Four 2.0 Review: Sleek and Portable Rig

This Thing Rips

OG Four 2.0 This Thing Rips


Ease of Use


Performance and Efficiency


Temperature Control


Battery Life




What We Love

  • Low temperature controlled coil
  • Awesome hits with their Lava Quartz Technology
  • High Quality. Preserves the natural flavors
  • Well priced for its functionality. Simple and sleek looking
  • Battery Life is long lasting

OG Four 2.0 @vapeworld is a sleek and portable rig. This thing really rips!

Portable and offers a very sleek design, the OG Four 2.0 Vape Pen Kit provides users a natural and smooth taste.

Considered by many industry experts as a game changer, the OG Four 2.0 offers a complete kit that uses Quad Airflow system and Lava-Quartz Technology to give you a natural and beautiful high.


OG four 2.0

How it Works

Simply load chamber, five clicks of the button to turn on the unit, then depress the button to activate the pen. Five clicks to turn off the pen.

This highly reliable and innovative product also lets you enjoy natural flavors, thanks to its controlled low-temp coil that is calibrated.


The coil is designed to heat the concentrate purely and cleanly using the lowest possible temperature needed for vaporization.

This means users can get all the freshness they want when they smoke. Anyone who wants to get the purest and richest flavors while vaping can trust this high-quality product to deliver.


Vapor starts to build up almost immediately with this engaging product. The flavor is consistent throughout your vaping session and stays a very long time.

In addition, the OG Four 2.0 uses a visual heating chamber made of XL Polycarbonate, giving you a fresher vape experience.


Unlike other pens available in the market, the OG Four 2.0 is powerful, delivering a nice, flavorful, and smooth rip.

It also has an effective quad air flow system, allowing you to have a clog-free vaping experience.

Because of its quad airflow system, the product gives you huge clouds of vapor throughout your vaping experience.


The vapor does not have any hint of harshness, regardless of how hard one vapes. Imagine getting perfect rips without losing any of the taste you want from your concentrates.

The pen-style vape features a sleek and flashy chrome finish.


The kit also comes with a 6500mAh battery, a silicone concentrate jar, a dabber tool, 2 cleaning wipes, as well as a USB connector allowing users to easily charge their products anytime, anywhere.

The OG Four 2.0’s 6500mAh battery will never let you down even during long vaping sessions.

This is one battery that can surpass all the expectations you have.


This Thing Rips


The OG Four 2.0 vaporizer is very simple and easy to use. Just load the chamber and turn on the unit by clicking on the button five times.

Activate the pen by depressing the button. Turning off the pen means clicking again on the button five times.


The whole product can be easily dismantled with just a few twists and turns. The assembly is also user-friendly.

The OG Four 2.0’s mouthpiece can be quickly pulled out of the unit so you can load your favorite concentrates.

Consider the OG Four 2.0 vape as the next big thing for those who are fans of vaping as well as concentrate connoisseurs.


Industry gurus have dubbed the OG Four 2.0 as the market’s most powerful pen that is highly recommended and lives up to anyone’s expectations.

The company behind the OG Four 2.0 This Thing Rips has also received positive feedback from users because it provides excellent and quick service delivery and discounts.

For more information about this product or if you have questions about its benefits and why you need this, check out this link here: https://www.vapeworld.com/thisthingrips-og-four-2-0




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