Evak Glass Container Review: Keeping Your Aromatic Blends Fresh


Evak Glass Container

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What We Love

  • Vacuum pushes the air out and preserves your herbs
  • Made from quality glass
  • Easy to clean
  • Resists stains and odors
  • Beautiful design. Container preserves and keeps the herbs fresh

Evak Glass Container is a practical way of keeping your aromatic blends fresh.

With its trailblazing air-removing lid, the Evak Glass Container found @vapeworld is created to give you the freshest aromatic blends and herbs as much as possible.


evak glass container


Put your aromatic concoctions in the container, just enough to leave some room for you to insert the valve lid.

Push the lid down until you remove the excess air without your contents getting compressed.

As any enthusiast will tell you, air exposure is the main cause why most blends stale.


This is why the Evak Glass Container is created to remove air from within it container to make sure you will get the materials as fresh as possible.

It comes in four different sizes (mini, compact, medium, and large) and comes in clear and frosted variants, making the Evak Glass Container the ideal product to those who have varying specifications and preferences for their herbal products and aromatic blends.


evak glass


What makes the Evak Glass Container a hit among enthusiasts is it offers free shipping, letting them tap the benefits of this product without having them to pay for the extra shipping costs.

The Evak Glass Container is the ideal product for aromatherapy enthusiasts who want to maintain their preferred aromatic blends and herbal products in the ideal state of freshness and maximize their amazing benefits.

Simply intuitive and truly airtight, the Evak Glass Container is a fully functional and patented product.

The lid serves as a plunger—you can even hear the whoosh sound as the air gets displaced.



The Evak Glass Container is scientifically proven to keep your herbs and aromatic blends fresh because they keep them locked in the container.

Made from borosilicate glass, the product is built with the top-quality standards of the industry.

It resists stains and odors. The product also makes it easy for anyone to clean and maintain.


Because it is made of the highest quality in the industry, the solidly-built and crystal clear Evak Glass Container is far better than its other competitors that offer substandard build quality and use thin glass.

The product also looks great in the pantry or the counter in your home.

The Evak Glass Container keeps your herbal products and blends fresh using a beautiful glass container.

You can also use it to keep the freshness of your other staples such as coffee, dried fruits, tea, granola, among others.


glass container

How to Use

Fill the container with your aromatic blends, leaving with enough room to insert the valve lid.

Push down the lid until the excess air is removed without compressing your contents.


  • Mini – 6oz
  • Compact – 16oz
  • Medium – 24oz
  • Large – 46oz

For more information, go to https://www.vapeworld.com/evak-glass-container.



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