Goldleaf Patient Journal Review: The Best Cannabis Companion

gold leaf patient journal

The Goldleaf Patient Journal is the best cannabis companion. It is a notebook aimed specially for medical cannabis patients but do keep in mind that the Goldleaf company @gldleaf also created a journal for the cannabis grower. For the grower, the journal can help record the whole process day by day.


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There are some unique challenges that patients & physicians face when dealing with medical cannabis.

Generally, dose consistency, the variation of strain, effectiveness, and everyone’s unique reaction to various cannabinoids make very hard to choose the right treatment.

This cannabis journal is your best companion on your journey to healing.



This Goldleaf Patient Journal was made to empower patients by giving them the ultimate notebook to precisely chart all the important factors in their treatment time.

The target is to make the new cannabis patients comfortable with using it, as well as to serve long-time cannabis medical users as a tool by which they can properly understand their body and their treatment.


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This beautiful journal comes up with (page no) lightly-lined pages and:

  • Cannabinoid and terpene effect infographics
  • Blank strain lab result fill-in sheets
  • Dosage forecast timelines
  • Sections for logging effects and other notes
  • 20+ days of guided entry pages
  • Strain recommendations based on ailment


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What we love about this cannabis journal is that it is guided and told us where to write. This made the whole recording process less cumbersome and less intimidating.

There are pages where you can record your personal reflections on your cannabis experience.


For us, it felt like it was a diary where we can put our feelings on pain and how cannabis helped us.

This Goldleaf Patient Journal is a great companion to the cannabis user.


Like any other medicine, it can make a serious difference for your physician to know exactly what amount of cannabis has taken and how often it has taken because Cannabis is complex by nature and everybody’s reaction is different.

The Cannabis Journal can be used to record your symptoms and adverse reactions as well as side effects of using cannabis.

When visiting your doctor, it can be used as a reference.


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To utilize the best medical cannabis treatment for your health, write down everything in the cannabis journal then review your records to see how your health problem is responding. 

Try to keep your cannabis usage standardized by your physician by using the Goldleaf Patient Journal – The Patient Journal: A Medical Cannabis User Companion.

This journal is full of fun and excitement. We definitely recommend getting one. Buy here at


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