When one wants to beat the summer heat and quench the thirst, a can of Sprig is surely the best option. Sprig is a refreshing THC-Infused citrus drink @DrinkSprig.

I have found this awesome soft drink to be the right one for anyone’s health in hot summer days, as it is reportedly made of sugary soda water, THC extracts and a citrus flavor, though grapefruit flavor is most commonly available in the market.

It is said that one can of Sprig provides 45 mg of THC oil.

Thus, it is becoming more popular among the adults, many of whom find it suitable to replace their alcoholic drinks with this THC infused soda, even in parties.

What You Need to Know About It

Initially, Sprig was manufactured with only 15 mg of THC extract in 2015.

But later on, the company decided to increase the amount of premium THC extract to 45 mg and give the final shape to the Sprig available now all over the world.

We all love the typical taste of this beverage that is not too earthy like most of the other soft drinks commonly available in the market.


The contents are scientifically formulated, and there is no chance of getting too much buzz effect after having this THC infused drink.

But at the same time, I feel quite excited and cheerful after drinking a can of Sprig, which is a wonderful experience.

So definitely, it can be rated among the best refreshing drinks that one can have for fun.




The extracted oil of THC is medically distilled for preparing Sprig.

The company makes sure to take only the premium quality THC from the top suppliers in the industry.

This THC oil then undergoes CO2 extraction to make it fully free of CO2 and thoroughly cleaned.

Then this refined THC extract is mixed with natural citrus flavor and a distinct amount of pure cane sugar, to give the final refreshing drink that we get in the canned state.


Hence, it is very different from any other cannabis-infused drink, as per the taste and aftereffects.

The people who are used to such cannabis beverages can safely take a whole can of Sprig, as only 45 mg of THC extract does not create any adverse effect on them.

But the people taking this cannabis beverage for the first time should not consume the whole can alone; rather it is better to share the Sprig can with a friend, for minimizing the effects that can be a bit too much for a first-timer.

Sprig is found to be different from other cannabis beverages, as the natural citrus flavor provides pleasant refreshment as well.


The effect of 45 mg THC extract provides a feeling of fun and enjoyment that needs to be shared with others.

Hence, a can of Sprig is a great medium of socializing with friends in a party or a simple outdoor gathering.

Usually, a person can feel the aftereffects of the drink after 30 – 45 minutes’ time, after he completes his can of Sprig that does not require any shaking.

So leisure time becomes more enjoyable after taking this awesome THC infused drink. Again, start slow and in small sips only.

For more information go to https://www.drinksprig.com/


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