Eyce Spoon is the biggest improvement in spoon pipes

The biggest improvement in spoon pipes has come with the EYCE Spoon.

The spoon, except for its chamber, is made of silicone, making it a nearly indestructible product.


You can fold it in half, toss it around like a toy, and put it anywhere else without breaking it.

For some smokers, the common glass pipes may outplay the EYCE spoon on looks, but these glass pipes are certainly fragile, had to be completely wrapped to prevent breaking, and must be treated with a lot of care.

EYCE Spoon comes with a poker, making it a handy, all-in-one convenient kit.

Cleaning is much easier in this spoon because of its malleable body that allows users to reach tougher angles or edges, although the cleaning tool fittingly placed in the silicone pipe’s body could be kept tighter to avoid losing it.

Disassembling and assembling the spoon’s parts are easy jobs for everyone.


eyce spoon


When it comes to smoking with the EYCE Spoon, users don’t need to worry about their pipes being made of silicone.

When used properly, the silicone body doesn’t catch fire at all. It doesn’t even melt even when you purposely try to.


Besides, the chamber of the spoon is made of glass.

This glass bowl could be bigger and deeper, but that doesn’t spoil the great and smooth smoking experience that users can get from this product.

One more thing—the EYCE Spoon retails for only $19.99.

Smokers could never go wrong with the price of this amazing invention.

It could also be part of your useful and affordable gift ideas for your smoker friends.


It’s available in 10 colors and is perfect for users who are always on the go.

EYCE Spoon is a product that is definitely worth the money.

It’s a must-have for the first timers and experienced smokers.

After all, who wouldn’t want an unbreakable spoon pipe?

To buy the EYCE Spoon, get it here https://eycemolds.com.


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