The Weekend CBD Review: The Pain Relief Wellness Luxury Box

weekend box cbd

The @WeekendBoxCBD is a pain relief wellness luxury box curated with CBD (cannabidiol) products varying from well-crafted chocolates to CBD inspired bath salt. Krista Whitley @SocialKrista, founder of this box is a genius for creating this.

This Pain Relief Wellness collection includes awesome CBD inspired items fixated on delivering the most extreme goodness in a box.

The Weekend Box CBD is geared more for the ladies but I’m pretty sure the guys would appreciate the Bella Bath Bomb and Bella Bath Salts.


The Weekend Box 2


This Weekend CBD box contains six inconceivable goodies geared towards pleasure and relief:

  • One Select Oil CBD pen (peppermint)
  • One Bella “You’re the Bomb” bath bomb
  • One Caviar Gold Cavi Tea
  • One Jar of Bella Crema Elegante
  • A Pack of 3 Glacé chocolate bonbons
  • A Jar of Bella “Stress Dissolve” bath salts


The Weekend Box

Select Oil CBD pen (peppermint)


Select Oil CBD


The CBD pen from Select Oil has an invigorating peppermint taste which lends itself well to the impacts of CBD. Their concentrate is derived from hemp plants that are locally grown, by trusted farmers, in organic soil.

This is highly recommended for on the go CBD medicating. This pen relieved and relaxed me and was a great end to a very stressful work day. They are disposable and discrete.


Caviar Gold Cavi Tea


Cavi Tea


If you are a tea junky, a day should not pass by that you don’t drink a maximum of 2 cups of tea.

The Weekend Box CBD provides you with one bag of tea from Cavi Tea made by Caviar Silver with the additional advantages of CBD. I love the taste of the Cavi Tea. It is so soothing.

It is similar to the taste of black or earl grey tea but provides relaxing effects.


Bella Crema Elegante


Bella Crema Elegante


  • Boosts collagen for the reduction in fine lines and wrinkles
  • Hydrates skin for a softer, smoother texture
  • Provides excellent antioxidant protection
  • Maintains proper moisture levels
  • Excellent post-procedure product
  • Ideal for sensitive skin

Bella Crema Elegante is a CBD topical that hydrates the skin and acts more of what lotions can offer. Having a full-body, whipped surface and a light, pleasant smell, the Bella Crema Elegante iz totally amazing.

It feels so luxurious when applied to my skin. This is a multi-purpose hydrating creme and is formulated to repair the natural damage from aging.


 Bella “You’re the Bomb” Bath Bomb


Bella Bath Bomb


The Bella “You’re the Bomb”, bath bomb blasts you away to a condition of total relaxation, put this rich, CBD ball into your bath and get ready for a blast of relief.

A mystical, Bella bath-based item that you will without a doubt need to incorporate into your sumptuous self-mind regimen, the Bella “You’re the Bomb”, bath bomb mixes the most highly rated CBD component with all-common fundamental oils to guarantee a great experience.


Bella “Stress Dissolve” Bath Salts

Bella Bath Salts


The Bella “Stress Dissolve” Bath Salts does exactly what they said it will do – dissolve your stress.

It is made with Pink Himalayan Salts infused with the highest-caliber CBD oils.

According to the manufacturer, Pink Himalayan Salt has anti-microbial, anti-fungal, and antibacterial properties to purify your body to the highest level.

I made a warm bath and poured all the contents of the Bella Bath Salts in the tub and mixed it with the water.

I played Florence and the Machine in the bathroom speaker and promptly hopped into the tub. Now, why did I need the Bella Bath Salts on that day?

Juggling family and work tasks got me super stressed and mentally drained. From picking up the son from chess club to writing articles for the site, all I needed was to de-stress.

The Bella Stress Dissolve Bath Salts really did its job. I was completely de-stressed after that warm bath.


Glacé Chocolate Bonbons

Glace bonbons


The 3 Glacé chocolate bonbons with CBD are extremely mouth-watering. They are wonderfully delicious and creamy.

I personally ate one a day as I find that too much CBD will make me too relaxed. I had a hard time though as the chocolates were so good.

I wanted to eat them all in one hour! Now some of the CBD chocolates I have tried in the past has this medicated taste, Glace Chocolate Bonbons doesn’t have that bitter taste.

According to their website, each contains 30mg of CBD per bonbon, so make sure to only take one and wait two hours before deciding to consume another!

The Weekend Box CBD is without THC so everything in the box is safe and legal in 43 states.

With a purchase price of $99.99 instead of $274, I find that this is a very great deal for all the CBD goodies inside the Weekend Box CBD. I highly recommend The Weekend Box for every CBD warrior.

Our Ganjly founder Clarisa was able to connect with Krista Whitley, Founder and Award-Winning Entrepreneur of the Weekend Box CBD and Clarisa thinks that she is an absolute sweetheart and a rockstar!

We loved that Ganjly is partnering with Krista and her Weekend Box.

Oh and this is also a great gift for CBD lovers. To buy one for yourself or for a loved one, get it here –

To know more about Krista Whitley and her company Altitude Products, check –


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