No Stranger to Collaboration Grenco Science Only Partners With the Best of the Best for GIO

gpen gio

Grenco Science is a leader in style and innovation. After 2 years of rigorous development and preparation, they have come to a climax with the announcement of the G Pen GIO.


A beautiful, ergonomic, and powerful new Cannabis Oil Vaporizer that will help shape the face of the cannabis market. Being a leader in hardware production since 2012 we only wanted to collaborate and partner with the very best producers of cannabis extract in the country.

We pride ourselves on style, technology, and our ability to collaborate with the industries finest brands, artists, and musicians to bring our customers the quality they expect from us.  

The GIO is fueled by a powerful 180mAh battery housed in a zinc alloy shell that is discrete and ergonomic. With style, comes technology, the GIO cartridge is engineered to deliver a perfect and consistent vapor experience.



Each cartridge is temperature optimized and uses an advanced wicking system to vaporize your oils at the perfect temperature to ensure that your first hit is as full flavored and dense as your last.

No buttons on this unit, it is seamless and simple using breath activation to make sure you are only vaping your oils when you want to be.

Finally comes the oil that is filled in each cartridge. We spent 2 years carefully curating our extract partners, only wanting to work with the industries finest producers of cannabis oil.

We wanted clean, solvent and pesticide free cannabis oil, rich in terpenes and cannabinoids and we wouldn’t settle for anything less.


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In the past, we have collaborated with brands such as Burton Snowboards and artists like Phil Frost to bring personality and lifestyle together.

We feel like we’ve done that again by partnering with State Wellness in California, their premium cannabis products are engineered to enhance your life the all-natural way.

They’ve spent years engineering specific cannabis formulas that give you exactly what you need to live your life to the fullest and match your lifestyle, whether it’s helping you be active, find balance, or just kick back and relax.

In Nevada, we’ve partnered with BaM, Body and Mind Inc, and their small batch grow philosophy.


For 15 years they’ve collected elite marijuana plants from all over the world and through careful crossbreeding of these plants developed medical marijuana strains that give you the perfect balance of body and mind.

One of our most popular collaborative efforts came when we connected with award-winning artist Wiz Khalifa.

Keeping with the award-winning theme we sought out well decorated and established partners to fill the GIO with award-winning quality concentrate.

We have the distinct pleasure of working with Evolab in Denver Colorado. Evolab’s additive-free Co2 oil was specially formulated to pair perfectly with Gio’s cutting-edge vape system.


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Similar to Evolab’s award-winning Alchemy, the special formulation includes distilled cannabinoids and an even higher terpene content for enhanced taste and effects.

Shining bright like the diamonds that they have become famous for Oleum labs and their award-winning THC and CBD distillates will be joining the GIO coalition.

The GIO is Grenco Science’s flagship product, combining state of the art hardware with award-winning cannabis extract to bring you unrivaled quality and consistency.

The GIO is currently available in hundreds of locations across, California, Colorado, Nevada, Oregon, and Washington, we are always looking for new partners and opportunities as we continue to expand into other markets.

To find a dispensary that carries the GIO near you, please visit our store locator;

This news is brought to you by Grenco Science, GPen.


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