4th Annual Fore Twenty Golf Tournament in Oregon 2018

fore twenty golf 2018

Nearly one hundred-fifty players hit the green in late June for the 4th Annual Fore Twenty Golf Tournament, for probably the most chill sports event of the summer, @ForeTwentyGolf.

Held at the Stone Creek Golf Course in Oregon City, Oregon, the Fore Twenty Golf Tournament brought together some of the region’s most distinguished cannabis industry leaders, representing over two dozen companies.

The Oregon cannabis brands ranged from extract producers to edibles makers, and growers to specialty vape pen manufacturers.

Fore Twenty Golf Tournaments are the first cannabis-focused golf tournaments in the nation and celebrate recreational marijuana, which was made legal in the state of Oregon in 2015.


The events sell out every year, and this year’s sign-up was filled in “record time,” according to Fore Twenty Sports’ Steven Gold and Andy Yashar.


Gold and Yashar are the founders and executives of Fore Twenty Sports and The Daily Leaf, an online publication that connects Oregonians with product discounts and promotions.

The tournament raised $500 for Freedom Grow, a volunteer group which focuses on helping people imprisoned over nonviolent, cannabis-related crimes.

The morning started somewhat cloudy but, by noon, as the players made their way out to the course, the sun began to pierce through and set the scene perfectly.

The next few hours were an ideal day at the links, as some of the industry’s hardest-working folks took some much-deserved time to relax, have some CBD beer provided by CBD Relief, and talk shop as they all drove toward the top spots in various competitions.


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Although the coveted “Best-Dressed” category was already determined the moment the Deanz Greenz Dispensary team stepped onto the scene in their stark-white attire, the main event itself was claimed by 5Budz with the lowest score of 57.

Second Place went to Nobel Farms, with MRX Labs coming in just behind them.

But it’s also true that the winners are really Oregon cannabis enthusiasts.

Every participant on the course that day is a dedicated professional, and their pure joy of being such crucial members of the industry was evident and contagious.


One example was the sponsor of hole 11, Truly Pure. Truly Pure is a company which started out manufacturing vape cartridges and just opened their first dispensary in downtown Portland this year.

They embody the spirit of the legal marijuana market where many local businesses are led humble people with a passion for excellence, expanding beyond their origins while staying true to their roots.


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Sponsoring the 18th hole was Crispy Cubes, a relatively new brand who manufacture exactly what the name implies: crispy cubes of marijuana edible goodness in a variety of flavors, each large cube made to be picked apart into more manageable bite-sized cubes.

While these are just a couple of the brands that participated, virtually every aspect of the Oregon cannabis industry was represented, with cannabis enthusiasts of all walks of life proving that marijuana really is a plant for everyone.

The good vibes and love of the games, both golf and ganja, came together for an exceptional event, with many attendees reporting this to be their favorite year yet.